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Friday, March 29, 2019

great 7

I was hesitant to go out. I was too tired to go out early, especially because of the time change to DST, so after Shabbos prep I took a short nap. I was feelign better after that but it looked like rian was coming, and I hate going out in the rain. Despite the bad weather forecast, the temperatures were still nice, so I went out hoping it would not rain.

As soon as I began, a light rain started falling. I was already out and comfortable so I kept going, despite worrying that it could turn into a major thunderstorm at any moment, as that is what had been forecast. Thankfully it remained a light rain the entire way, with only a few moments of it getting a little heavier, and even that was relatively light.

I ran well, felt a little tired but was able to run strong, and I finished with a good fast pace, similar to yesterday's pace - even a tiny bit faster.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

great 6

Had a great 6km run even though I wasnt feeling great. Weather was a bit warm but beautiful. It wasnt quite as fast as yesterday but still a fast pace. Felt strong from a running perspective, though legs were a little sore still

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

great 7

After a bunch of days off of running because of a combination of Purim holiday, bad weather, busy schedule and laziness, I finally pushed myself out to run this afternoon. And it was glorious.

I have been working on running with Pull rather than Stretch, as I have been watching drills from the RunRX people on FB and Instagram. Since I began, my runs have been significantly faster, with far less strain.

Today I ran 7km and ran hard and finished with a great time, faster than I have run in a very long time. This was especially significant because it was that fast including the portion on the hill that was slower, and there was a nice headwind on large sections of my as it is a very breezy day.

While running, one of the podcasts I listened to was the latest episode of the Marathon Training Academy. Particularly interesting in this episode that warrants my mentioning it here was that they spoke briefly about Mike Wardian's recent accomplishment setting a record for the Fastest Known time on the Israel National Trail. As well, they had a short interview with Brooke Taylor who recently ran the Jerusalem Half Marathon.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

great 6

with tomorrow being a fast day (Taanis Esther) and then Purim, I do not know how much more running I'll be able to get in this week, so i wanted to get out for a run today. I just got it in at the end of the afternoon. I wanted a 10km run, but my time was short so I only ran 6.25km.

Weather was great, run was great, fast pace and I felt good and strong

Monday, March 18, 2019

great 10

I just had a great 10km run, all on my regular route across Kishon, up Hayarqon through the park, across part of Hayarden, down Rav Auerbach st, then finishing on Hayarqon-Kishon to the house.

Weather was amazing. I felt great and ran a great pace. Myoverall pace was fast but not as fast as some recent runs. The blame for that goes to some frustration on the Hayarqon (though the park) hill going to the top - that was actually ok, but when I got to the top I found the egresses all sealed off, so I got frustrated looking for a way out until eventually I climbed a fence.That messed up my time someone what, but that isn't important. It was a great run.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

ok 5

went out for a short run. wasn't feeling all there -a little uncomfortable and unfocused. had a decent run, pace was fast end of average, but I just wasnt feeling it. I probably could have gone further, but stayed satisfied with just getting out to stretch my legs rather than push a run I was not enjoying

Friday, March 15, 2019

great 5

I did not run the Jerusalem Marathon today, and I had a busy morning so I only got in a short run just now in the late afternoon...but it was a great run. I felt great, great weather, and ran a great pace.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

tired 5

I went out earlier this afternoon for a run. I really wanted to go out and run, especially with colder weather and rain forecast for the next few days...

It was very warm out. The first couple of kilometers were very good but then it just hit me and I could hardly move. I was just exhausted. I pushed to squeeze out 5km, though honestly I walked a little bit as well. I just felt like I could not move. After I finished I even had to close my eyes for a few minutes and nap... I just could not function. My pace was at the slow end of average, so it was not horrible, but it was not what I expected

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

good 10

Just went out for a run. I did not know what to expect - would it be another tired run or an energetic one?

Overall it was pretty good. A fast pace, but not quite as fast as some of my recent runs. I looked back at my stats and see that every kilometer of the run was at a faster pace, except for 2 kilometers that were very slow average paces, and those were the two uphill kilometers. On those I just struggled a bit, and that was enough to hurt my overall average pace. Still fast, but not as fats as recent runs. That's fine. At least I know the work I am doing on my posture and form is working. I'll start working on improving my uphill speed and form at some point.

Monday, March 11, 2019

better 7

The run started off decent. I was feeling good, I had reviewed the motion and posture I have been working no, and I was hoping for a good run.

The first couple of kilometers were good, but then my leg muscles got tired. That combined with a couple of work calls, and the rest of the run was both tired and distracted. I pushed to 7 and finished at an average pace. I got some work in on my motion and posture, so that is good.

Being careful about this and focusing on my running form and posture means I am working muscles I have not worked in a while, so it makes sense I will go through a period of tired and sore muscles until they acclimate to the stress...

Sunday, March 10, 2019

lousy 5

I just got in a late afternoon run, but it was lousy. Weather was good, but everything else just was not. My legs were tired and still sore, calves felt tired and sore, had not eaten all day, could not get into good form and posture, legs were dragging...

Perhaps it could be considered a recovery run, but it just felt lousy.

Friday, March 8, 2019

awesome 15

I had to go to Bet Shemesh to help someone with something, and I wanted to run. The timing was not great and I figured I could either get a short run in and then go, or maybe plan to get there a little late (something I never like to do)...or I could just run to Bet Shemesh, do what I need to do, and run back. And that is what I decided to do!

So, I skipped my cycle on Kishon and started off going up Hayarqon, through the new park, and thne out to the Road 10 (3855). I turned right and ran to the end, by the 375, then turned around and ran on the 10 until the Bet Shemesh entrance on Herzog St. Running up the hill and down to Sheinfeld, to the house I needed to be at. They were a bit surprised to see me in my running gear, but I did what I needed to do, relatively quickly, and then rab back on Nahar Hayarden through RBS B, up the steep and long hill, and then home via Nahal Kishon, finishing at 15km.

The first 11km were very good. I set some record, according to Garmin, for my fastest mile (since wearing the Garmin watch), and no it was not even close to being a four-minute mile. In addition, I beat the 10km hour mark significantly, hitting 10km at 57 minutes. To be fair, a good portion of the first 10km were on a slight downhill, not including Sderot Hayarqon, so that helped, though there was a strong headwind, so it helped but not as much as it could have.

I ran well, focusing on my posture with my new running gait and paying attention to my leg motion. It really makes a big difference, and I could tell it makes a difference because at times I lost focus and after a bit noticed my leg motion drop into a lazier motion and my pace slow down a bit.

All in all, an awesome run, good weather, if a bit warm, and a beautiful day out in the sun.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

good 5

I decided to go out for another run today. The plan was to keep it short, figuring it is time to give my legs a break, and I did not have much time for a longer run. So I did. I planned for 5km, and kept it to 5km, even though I was tempted to extend it to either 7 or 8.

Temperatures were a little warmer than I expected, and my legs were tired. I tried to focus on the posture and gait I worked on yesterday, but it is easy to fall back to letting your legs drag a bit when they are running a tired workout, so it was a good run but not a great run. This felt like a slow run even though it was much faster than my recent average. A week ago I would have called this a fast run, based on the average pace, but it was a little bit slower than yesterday...

Overall good run. I will plan to not run tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

great 10

I thought today was going to be another tired run, and I considered skipping considering the storm that was forecast for today.

Then I saw a post on Instagram from an account that details proper running form and it featured instructions of proper form with the legs, regarding a specific motion. It looked interesting and I tested out how I run compared to what it showed and I saw that I have bene doing it wrong - exactly what it showed should not be done, and how I suffered from exactly what it showed that posture would cause.

So I decided to go out for  a short run to test i. I figured 5km would be enough and a good test, and anyway it would be my third consecutive day running and my legs need a rest anyway, and the change in form would mean using muscles that dont get used often that would likely get tired...

The run felt great as I stayed conscious of the form I was trying to use. The first few km were significantly faster and smoother. As I hit 5km, I decided to keep going as I felt fine and the weather was still amazing. The forecasted storm had not yet reached Bet Shemesh! From 5km, the run is a nice uphill, which anyways meant slowing down,. I tried to keep to the form, and while I did slow down, the run on that section was still going faster than usual. I ran through the park to the top of Hayarqon and decided I would just run down back home, finish at 7.5km, maybe stretch it to 8.

And then I noticed, as I approached 8km, that if I could keep the pace I could easily beat the 1 hour mark for 10km, which I have only done a couple times in recent years. So I ran down to home, but kept going and did another section of Kishyon to stretch it out to 10km. I ended up finishing the 10km in 59 minutes and a few seconds.

It is going to take some effort to get used to the form. I caught myself a few times late in the run slipping back into old routine and even slowing down, so I had to keep focused. Hopefully it will become second nature to my style after a few good runs like that.

Monday, March 4, 2019

lazy 8

I wanted to go out fora run, despite being sore and tired. I was not sure it was a good idea, perhaps I needed the day off. But with rain coming, I went out when it was still nice.

Weather was good, and I had a slow and lazy run. I got stuck in a bit of mud from some earlier light rains, and had to stop a couple times to scrape some mud out of my shoes, but it is ok as I was lazy running anyway. Basically I was just stretching my legs.

I was really going to stop at 5km, but decided to go down to the park below Hayarqon and jogged up that way before turning and heading down back to home finishing at 8km...

Sunday, March 3, 2019

slow 10

I had a good run, albeit a bit slow. Weather was good and I felt good, but the run was a little slower than average.

I have taken a liking to my new route. I start off running across Kishon, as usual, but then instead of running up Hayarqon, I run down to the new park and run up to the top through the park. I then take the steps up to the street, run over to the Hayarqon-Hayarden roundabout, then continue on across Hayarden. This time, on the way back, instead of running down Hayarqon, I an back down to the road behind (Rav Shmuel Zalman Auerbach Street) though instead of going back into the park, I decided to run along the street all the way to the end. At the end I went back up to the end of hayarqon and finished off running home.

Overall a good run.