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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

weird 6

I didnt get to run yesterday. When I had a chance, it was just too hot and I was too tired to deal with the heat and an unenergetic run. So I skipped it. I went out today before it got too hot, though it was already nice and warm, and had a better than felt run.

Meaning, my run felt slow and sluggish but at the end of the day I finished with a pretty fast pace (for me). 6km at a good pace, though it did not feel like a strong run.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

great 7

After 2 weeks of no running, today was a great 7km run - better than expected.

The week before Pesach found me very busy, both preparing for Pesach and preparing for a Pesach barmitzva. Even when I had a little time to run, I was too tired and/or too sore. And then the week of Pesach found me either too worn out or busy with tiyulim with the family. And of course add to that the pattern one gets into of no running and increased laziness, and two weeks later I find mysef not having run in a long time.

I went out today expecting a short tired run, with weak legs and just the start of getting back into it. Instead I found myself feeling fine and picking up right where I left off. I stopped at 7km because I felt a little tweak in an ankle and didn't see any need to push it, but overall I felt fine and from a fitness standpoint felt like I could have kept going. My pace was fast and strong.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

great 5

I had time limitations today when I finally found time to run. I ran strong and fast but I did not have time for more than 5km. I had a good pace despite a strong headwind for significant portions of the run.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

good 8

for a Motzash run this was a great one. only one pit stop, felt pretty good, ran strong. 8km at a fast pace, but not very fast - just barely into my fast zone, but fast nonetheless. And for a Motzash that is amazing

Friday, April 12, 2019

ok 6

not a great run but not bad. legs felt like lead but I ran ok when I ran. I had to stop a couple times to walk, and that's what slowed my pace down overall to a slightly faster than average pace. It was also a lot warmer than I expected and am a bit under the weather. I think it might be time to start breaking in new shoes, as these are pretty worn and might also account for recent sluggishness.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

great 8

had a great 8km run this morning. felt good, cool but nice weather, ran hard, got 8 at a fast pace.

This being my 7th consecutive day running, I don't always seem to pick up the patterns of my running. Meaning, I dont know why today i was able to run faster and my legs werent as tired but a couple days ago I ran a super slow pace and could hardly move my legs. I have been suspecting it is influenced, at least partially by my shoes - I alternate between a couple of different pairs of running shoes and have noticed that I tend to run faster on days I wear one specific pair and slower on days I wear the other. I haven't really tracked it, and I know I have slow days in my blue pair and fast days in my red pair as well, but overall, I think I tend to have fast days more often in my blue pair and slow days in my red pair. There are so many factors that might have an influence that I don't really know if that is true and accurate or just an inaccurate observation and anecdotal at best, but I will continue trying to pay attention to that

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

pretty good 8

I was really planning on not running today, considering how tired my legs have been and the 5 consecutive days of running...but then I figured that if I can make time during a work day to run, I can't take the day off of running on a day off of work! So I ran,

8km on a warm and sunny morning. Felt good. Legs felt a little tired still but not as bad. I pushed a bit and ran strong, and my overall pace was faster than average, but slower than my recent fast runs using my new posture and form. I was more careful about paying attention to my form today than the past few days.

Monday, April 8, 2019

good slow 7

it was a good run, albeit slow. legs still feel tired. I ran a little faster than the past couple of days, but still a slow pace. I pushed to 7km and enjoyed a nice run in the sun

Sunday, April 7, 2019

slow 7

had a good, but slow, 7km run. When I started I felt right away it would be slow. legs still felt tired. I figured keep it at 5km and all will be good.

I went out earlier than I have recently because today is supposed to be a hot day - and it was already hot when I went out.

Despite the tired legs the run was still good and stable. I ran at an intentionally slow pace, and I felt fine the entire time. As I approached 5 I decided to push out a little more and I made it to 7km. Overall a good slow run

Saturday, April 6, 2019

lousy 5

Had a regular lousy Saturday night run. Felt uncomfortable, bloated from overeating, tired legs, and just overall bad. The run was a slow 5km run

Friday, April 5, 2019


had a great 8km fast run. Thought it would be slower, so the speed was a nice surprise

Thursday, April 4, 2019

good 10

I had a pretty good 10km run. It was at a fast pace. The weather was great, if a bit warm. I felt good, though at times during the run my legs felt a little tired - and my pace was faster than I expected because considering how tired my legs felt at some points I thought it slowed me down more than it had