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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

tired 9+

After not running Monday and Tuesday due to trans-Atlantic travel, I just ran tonight after the holiday. I got in a 9.3km run, and my body felt tired.

I would guess the tired was due to a combination of factors, including trans-atlantic travel, back to Bet Shemesh hilliness after a week and a half of running flat Chicago, and a crazy messed up schedule over shavuos holiday with the up all night learning programs.

Anyways, I am happy I got out for the run and am looking forward to another tired run tomorrow. Maybe Friday will be back to normal.

Monday, May 29, 2017

last runs before heading back

this morning I ran 8.2km, and last night i ran 8.35km. good runs. I dont think I'l have time to run tomorrow, as I will be traveling.

Friday, May 26, 2017

19km in Chicago

I surprised myself and got 4 runs in this week, despite it being a travel week. I almost got 5, but had too large a dinner on Thursday evening to be able to go out after that.

This morning I went out and ran up Dodge to Dempster, and then across to McCormick. I ran down the Chicago River Trail to Lincoln, and then to Peterson. Across to Clark (via Damen and Granville) and back up to Howard and across to the house. Total of about 19km. Runkeeper on my phone paused in the middle for a while, so this is just an estimate.

My pace (until Runkeeper paused) was below 6, significantly fast than my average. I assume the basically flat terrain had something to do with that, as I did not put any effort into running unusually fast.

The weather was beautiful, after a cold, windy and rainy week.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

windy city

I just ran down to the lake (that is, Lake Michigan) and back, a little less than 8.5km.

I ran my average pace and took my time. stopped at red lights, looked around, stopped at the lake. It was pretty windy, but nice to be out.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

hat on a treadmill

I am in the USA right now and my running schedule, along with some other schedules, are messed up.

Having stayed the night in a hotel, I decided to bring my running gear along. I woke up early and went for a run on the treadmill in the hotel gym.

Why treadmill? I haven't run on a treadmill in years!
1. I don't really know the area I am in.
2. It is still pretty cold here early in the morning
3. to take advantage of something in the hotel, especially because I cant even eat the food.

Anyways, I did not know what to press, so I just accepted the workout it offered me on the screen, which was a 4- interval. Being that I am used to doing all my running using the metric system, I did not really know and understand the information it was giving me, but at the conclusion of my workout I went online and did the conversions and my workout had me running 10.7km in an hour and an additional 5 minutes of cool down. It was a good workout.

One thought that came to me - our custom is to keep our [male] head covered, especially when walking. We are not supposed to walk 4 steps (4 cubits, really), with our head uncovered. I know there are all sorts of ways out of things, such as being indoors being less of a problem and whatnot, but still - when using a treadmill for example, is that considered staying in place or is that called walking? I mean, I ran 6.5 miles, but I did it all standing in the same place. Is that considered as if I was walking/running or was I standing still? Could I keep my head uncovered, or must a I wear a hat on the treadmill?

Saturday, May 20, 2017

9km and safety warning

I went out tonight and ran 9km.  Had a good run.

Whenever I go out at night for a run, I make sure to wear a white, or light, shirt. I realize, as a driver, that dark shirts can be difficult to see at night, and it is dangerous. I see a lot of runners and walkers wearing dark clothing - shirts, skirts, long pants, and it is really dangerous. While walking/running on the sidewalk, it is no big deal. But if you are running in the street or even when you go into the street to cross the street or if the sidewalk is  damaged so you need to step into the street for a bit - it is really dangerous and drivers can have a really difficult time seeing you.

Please - runners, walkers, etc. - please, at night wear light shirts, if possible with reflectors of some sort to improve your chances of being seen by drivers.

bad 17

Friday was a difficult run, and I knew it would be.

After a week of running every day, with [slightly] increased daily distances, I knew the long run would be tough. That is why I planned for  a slightly shortened long run of about 15-16km, instead of the 20km I have recently been running.

I was right. It was difficult. Legs felt tired, humidity made it sweaty and difficult even though air wasn't hot yet when I went out, but I pushed on through it all.

And when I finished my 16km, I extended it by another to finish at 17km, just because.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

glorious 8km

it would be silly, at this point, to say that today was meant to be an off day, even though it should have been, as I pretty much knew I was going to try to run today and it wuold just be a matter of finding a slot in which to get a decent run.

I foudn my slot, unfortunately it was at the hottest part of the day. It was pretty hot out, but there was a strong breeze that felt sort of cool, so I thought that would help and everything would be fine. Of course, I also figured I am only going to urn a maximum of 8km, so I can at least manage that no problem.

I did manage it, but boy was I wiped at the end of it. I also sweat much more than I usually do, and it even disturbed me as the sweat poured into my eyes.

Hot, sun, headwind, dry. Glorious.

feeling great

Tuesday was not supposed to be a running day. By the end of the afternoon I even had some time for a run and successfully resisted the temptation. But sometimes it just feels like this is the air I breathe. It makes me feel better, even if nothing is wrong.

By evening I was not feeling great. Probably a little bit of dehydration and exhaustion, but also I hardly ate anything today, so I was running low on all counts. But I know running makes me feel better. And sometimes, like today, and in general right now, I just know that going out for a run, sweating a bit, getting some nice fresh air, will just make everything better.

And it did. I went out for a late run, at about 10pm, and it was great. I even got a bit farther distance than my recent mid-week runs, clocking 9.16km at a decent pace. It just felt great. The air was nice, cool, and crisp. And by the end I just felt great.

Actually when I went out I thought I would just get some fresh air and run 3-4km. I figured my legs would not be up for more than that, and they would feel lethargic. But they didn't. Everything felt great.

Monday, May 15, 2017

end of the day

I did not plan n running today. I ran Saturday night and Sunday morning. Monday was going to be a day off.

Then my work schedule made it seem like Tuesday would not be runable, so in the early evening I decided to go out for a run. I ran 8.5km. It was hot but not as bad as mid-day - the air was already more bearable.

Had a nice sweaty run, in still sunny weather. Can't get better than that

Sunday, May 14, 2017

running with no oxygen

despite last night thinking I would not run this morning because the smell of bonfires would be too strong, I got up early enough to run, with the benefit I had less time pressure because the kids had a vacation day from school for Lag bOmer...

I got in another 8.3km run at a slightly slower pace than last night. The air wasn't too bad. It was mostly decent, with the smell of fire stronger in some areas. It felt good. I feel like I have a lot to make up. I have also been eating more the past few days, so I need to burn a lot of calories.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

bonfire running

I went out right after Shabbos for a run. I figured I had to get out before the bonfires start and the air would become un-breathable.

Last week a medical emergency in the family had me spending 2 days in the hospital accompanying a relative needing treatment. That made me miss 2 to 3 runs (2 runs planned, a third that would have been possible). With tomorrow's schedule unclear, I felt like I had to get back into it right away before not running becomes a pattern.

The run was good. I got in 8.35km around RBS. By the end of the run a couple of the bonfires had just started. It felt great to get out there again. The roads had less runners and walkers out than a regular Saturday night, but there were still more than I had expected.

Monday, May 8, 2017


Saturday night got me a nice 8km run, again, not great but better than a normal Saturday night run. Not as slow as I had expected. I was then not planning a Sunday run, but hoping for one as my schedule looked like it might have a mid-day slot for one. In the end I got busier than planned and the run did not work out.

Today I did not get out early as I had planned to, as I got distracted with other things. By the time I got to my run it was already very hot. I still had a good run, but the heat was really tough. 8+km in the strong sun.

Friday, May 5, 2017

slow and steady

20.3km. got a late start, meaning had to deal with the heat, but had an enjoyable run. My pace was great and in my splits I can see that every single kilometer was run right around 6m/km (just above or just below), except for the 5km that were on steep hills - km #s 3, 15 and 17-20, and they slowed my average down to a 6:17 pace. I had assumed when starting my pace would be slower because of the heat and because my legs and body felt tired in general, so looking at the splits and seeing that is very encouraging.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday recovery

I would have expected my Saturday night run to be a real recovery run with heavy and tired legs, after Friday's long run. yet Saturday night was a decent run, even if a bit tired. This morning's run, on the other hand, was difficult. I felt like I could hardly move.

Due to time constraints, and my run taking longer than expected, I only ran 7.25km instead of 8+. Pace was slow, but not too bad. Weather was good but it felt like it was getting humid and that later in the day would be harder to run.