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Friday, October 14, 2016

Running for myself

woke up nice and early and got a 13km run in this morning.

13km was longer than I had considered, and a few times I considered ending it but chose to keep going, so that was good. It was a little bit slower than expected, at 6:37mpk, but considering this was a "long" run after yesterday's "speedwork", it is not surprising.

Good running. I like this low-key running just for fitness and enjoyment and personal settling of my mind and body. I am happy to not be training for anything (I only mention it because over the past few days a few people have asked me if I am planning any races or big runs this year).. While I have said I am not training for anything but am open-minded about it if my running goes well enough, I am actually leaning towards ruling out any races (except maybe Jerusalem for charity) and just continuing running the way I am now.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

running great

running this morning was awesome. I have not run since that lousy run right after Rosh Hashana, so getting out this morning felt really good.

Unfortunately, for my running, the next couple of weeks is going to be really tough. Between holiday schedules and the Cubs post-season schedule, it is going to be difficult to find time and ability to run.

Went out this morning unsure of how the run would go. Being right after the fast of Yom Kippur and a week and  a half of no running made me suspicious of having to slog through the run, just to get my legs going.

Surprise surprise, I felt strong right from the first step. I ran across Kishon and back, and then out to the end of Road 10 and back. I ran much of it hard, and finished 10km at 1 hour and a few seconds. My average pace on my watch shows as 6:03.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

lousy run

post-holiday run was lousy. I felt like I couldn't move. Cramps and random pains and just a very heavy feeling. It probably comes from overeating, and especially from overeating at a very late lunch today just a few hours before..

At least I went out, even struggling through it, and tried.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

start to short running week

got a good start to the week. went out and ran 9.5km at a recovery pace, meaning very slow.

nothing exciting or unusual about this run. this week is Rosh Hashana which means little running will happen. I wont run tomorrow morning because I ran tonight. Monday and tuesday will be off for Rosh Hashana. Wednesday is a fast day so I probably wont run. Maybe I'll get a run in on Tuesday night instead.