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Saturday, June 30, 2018

recovery 8

good 8km recovery run

Friday, June 29, 2018

20 that is 36 that is 68.5

I had what started as a fabulous run this morning on the Lamed Hey route and ended up pretty good.

I was running strong, at a good pace. I even beat the 1 hour mark for the 1st 10km, which I havent done in a while. Frustratingly, in the 8s I started to feel a weird sensation in my knee that worried me a bit. Continuing on I was still running fine, even if I slowed down just a bit to ease off. Unlike last week, I struggled a bit going up the Zechariya hill, though once I hit the top I was fine again and able to continue as before, and even the Tzeelim hill back into RBS was mostly fine.

So I ran 20+km on the Lamed Hey route, with some extensions.

My run streak is now at 36 days, matching my previous high. I expect that it will end some time in the coming week. I ran a total of 69km this week.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

slowish 6

I got in a 6km run this morning. I was so tired. After getting ready to go out I decided I was too tired, but I set my alarm for a 20 minute nap and figured I would decide then. After a short nap I felt a little better and went out. The run was short and relatively slow, as expected. Thursday runs are always short and slow, if I can control myself, so as to give me a chance at a nice long run on Friday. Weather was weird - muggy but also overcast, not much air movement. Very sweaty even though I didnt overexert myself.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

great 12.5km

some time yesterday I realized I had made a weird mistake. I had been scheduled for a 5 or 6km run, with my medium run scheduled for Wednesday. I ran 11 yesterday, thinking it was Wednesday. When I realized that, I did not know what to do for Wednesdays run - keep it to a 10 or 11m run or drop it down, already having done my medium run?

I figured I would try to keep it still at the medium distance for a medium run, but see how I feel along the way.

I felt great. Was running at a great pace and felt great all along, so I just kept going. I ran 12.5km  and felt like I could have gone a lot longer, if not for time constraints. Just a great run all the way through.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

good 11

I need to flip a switch in my had. Even my slow runs are much faster than they were a few weeks ago. When I talk about average or fast or slow  need to now be comparing it to a different average than I was just a month ago.

Today I thought I had a slow run, and I expected it to be slow, but the pace was actually ok. I ran 11km, regular route, not too hot but sunny. I felt strong, though when I started I felt a little stiff. Just run through it. Nice start to the day.

Monday, June 25, 2018

hot 5

5km in the middle of the day in the heat. glorious! couldnt run longer due to time constraints.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

fabulous 7

I slept poorly last night so expected this mornings run to be short and miserable. I went out later than usual, so it was already sunny and hot, making it likely to be even more difficult.

Yet somehow this turned into my fastest run in a very long time. And because I felt great and was running so well, I extended the run to 7km, instead of killing it at 5.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

recovery 7

This felt like a recovery run. A bit slower than average, a bit painful and sore, but overall a good 7km run. Nothing too exciting, just pushing my way through it

Friday, June 22, 2018

fabulous 19 on day 29

Got in my long run today, and it was longer than I planned, but only by a bit.

With my previous long run distance being at 17km, I have been itching to break that with an 18+ run, though the past couple of weeks did not afford me the opportunity. I picked 18, really 18.5 because the Lamed Hey loop from my house to my house via Road 10 and Highway 375 and Highway 38 is 18.5km and that is somewhat more desirable than extending small sections to get another extra kilometer and another and another. That often works just fine, but sometimes it is nice to just go out and run a simple course where I dont have to keep calculating if I need to run a little extra detour or when to turn back. I know this course will give me the 18.5 I was looking for.

The run was beautiful with a nice cool breeze, until the last couple of kilometers. It was sunny and pleasant. The course has 3 large enough hills that makes it overall difficult, though my overall pace ended up being better than I expected. The 3 hills killed my pace, but besides for those the rest of the route I ran at a pretty good pace.

I ended at 19km, so am happy and that should keep me for a couple of weeks until I get the itch to break 20, which I am sure will come sooner rather than later...

My run streak is up to 29 days. This week of running took me a distance of 62km.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

labored 5km

I had planned for a 5km run this morning, and I got a 5km run this morning.

So why was this unexpected?

Because I was feeling great. I tought after yesterday's fast run I would be feeling stiff and sore all day and my legs would be heavy and tired. But they weren't. I was feeling great. When that happens, even if I planned on a distance, I very likely might extend it. Maybe to 6 or 7km, in this case.

But even though I was feeling great, my run was slow and felt a bit labored. So I kept it at 5km, even though I could have extended it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

great 10km

I went out this morning planning for my regular Wednesday 9-11km run. The weather was great and I was feeling good. I didn't even realize how fast I was running until a bit further into the run, but I didnt pay attention, as usual, to the stats as the run continued on, so I didn't even know I was keeping the pace up.

I ended up running 10km at a very fast (for me) pace.

Weather was great, if a bit hot. A couple of runners/walkers out and about but not too many

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

good 7.5

had a good run this morning, even though I kept procrastinating until I finally went out. Felt good, felt strong and  ran 7.5km at a good pace. Weather was pleasant and sunny. Seemed quiet out there, but I enjoyed it.

Monday, June 18, 2018

early 5

my scedule required me to get up extra early today to get a short run in, if I wanted to rnu. And I did. So I did. Ther eis an off chance I would b able to get a run in in the late afternoon, but not being sure if that will work out I decided to go with the sure thing of an early run, even if it could only be short.

so 5km it is.

If I have another chance later, maybe I will still take it.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

slow 6.4

I felt a little stiff going out this morning, I guess because of last nights faster than expected and longer than expected run. I pushed a little and ran 6.4km but it was pretty slow. The air was not pleasant. Very warm, very humid and very little air movement. It was kind of just blah out there. Just happy to get it over with

Saturday, June 16, 2018

average 9

Started the new week with a bang. had a great 9km run. It required a pit stop but my strength and energy were good. I had hoped for a 7.5-8km run  and ended with 9. Nice and sweaty on a humid and hot Motzash. Lots of runners and walkers out and just had a good run at average pace, which is better than the normal Motzash run

Friday, June 15, 2018

11 that is 22 that is 170

As I said, considering the soreness today could not be a long run. I woke feeling a little less sore, but still too sore.

I ended up running a very slow 11km on a beautiful morning. After the first few kilometers I felt a lot better and got into a groove, but I was still running way too slow to knock out anything like a 17 or 18km run, so I made do with 11km.

This week ends with today being my 22nd consecutive running day during which I ran 170km, with 51.5km this week.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

slow recovery 5

I now remember why I stopped playing basketball (and baseball/softball, but especially basketball) about 8 years ago shortly after I started running marathons.

My son wanted to play basketball last night and I decided to go shoot around with him and play some one on one. It was a lot of fun, but I am so sore and my joints (knees and ankles, plus Achilles) hurt so much. I remember that back then it prevented me form being able to run, especially long runs, in addition to the risk of injury being significantly increased.

Regardless, I played and this morning I was extremely sore. I still felt it important to go for a run, to help my muscles recover. A recovery run of sorts, from basketball rather than from a previous run.

I knew it would be painful, and I knew it would be slow, but I was determined to try. At worst I wouldn't be able to run even my 5km minimum, but I figured chances are I would, albeit slowly.

And I made it. My first couple of kilometers were even at a decent pace, but in the middle of the third I slowed down significantly. My overall pace was just slightly slower than average, though my last two and a half km were significantly slower.

I am happy I got the run in and hopefully it will help me with tomorrow's run, though I expect my hope for breaking 18 tomorrow has been dashed and I'll have to probably make do with a medium length run.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

sweaty 10

I slept through this mornings run but mid-day had an opportunity so I went out for 10km. Warm and very humid but it seemed to cool off a bit and there was a breeze so it was relatively pleasant. The humidity was a little tough and made for a very sweaty run, but I love that. Pace was good except for on 2 specific kilometers. One one kilometer I got a work call so I walked part of it for a few minutes while I talked. The second was an uphill climb. hose two made my overall average pace about average rather than fast.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

pretty good 7.5

Today was a pretty good 7.5km run. Not great, but pretty good.

I felt a lot better this morning than I did yesterday, but sill not totally back to normal. I still got a good run and felt decent, albeit a little slow. When I tried to push harder in spots, for intervals, I felt it very difficult and felt muscle soreness in my thighs.

Good weather, a bit humid with rain expected later today. Did not see too many other people out running or walking.

Monday, June 11, 2018

lousy 5

that was a lousy run. I wasnt even going to run. After a late party at which I drank too much beer and ate too much, I kind of wanted to sleep late this morning. But I woke up early. I was still not going to run because I knew it wouldnt be good, but after a while I figured I am just sitting around anyway wasting my time, I might as well go out. So I did. But it was really a lousy run. I cut it at 5km. What a waste of a nice cool morning.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

tough fast 5

5km. kept it short because I felt very stiff and it was a difficult run. My pace was better than I thought, so I am not sure how this works as I felt I was running very slow bu tit turned out to be a faster than normal pace - even faster than some of my recent fast runs. I am still trying to figure all this out. Maybe I am running more efficiently with my new shoes, as is supposed to happen when you get the appropriate shoes.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

gr8 run

had a great 8km run tonight. felt good. humid but pretty good weather. felt good. all good.

Friday, June 8, 2018

hard 11

11km. it was hard. felt a little strain on some joints. Good thing I knew to keep it low distance today, for adjustment with the new shoes. Even though I ran fine at a decent pace, it did feel like a struggle the entire time - wasn't fluid. I'll get there after a few more runs in these shoes.

weather was great. hot and sunny but not yet oppressively hot.

that's 15 days on my latest run streak, with 52.5km logged this week

Thursday, June 7, 2018

nice short 5

today's run was meant to be short, for a combination of reasons, including but not limited to; tired legs, not overdoing it before Friday's longer runs, recovery from Wednesday's medium run plus a series of faster runs, and breaking in new shoes. The new shoes are stability shoes and, more importantly for this purpose, with a zero drop heel. Because of that the structural effect on the body is different so you are supposed to ease into the adjustment. Because of that, tomorrow might be a longer run, but it probably wont be a full long run.

So, that being the case, I was disciplined today and kept it to 5. Felt good, though a bit overcast and humid. Speed/pace was the same as it has been recently.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

sore 8.5

I thought this run might be slow and tired, considering I ran fast late yesterday afternoon, but I felt worse than expected. I felt sore joints (not sore muscles) and tired body. I had planned for an 8-10km run, but feeling the way I felt had me thinking to cut it to 5-6.

I did not really get into a groove, but I did keep myself going and set short goals and every time I reached one I set another that i knew was reachable. So when I hit 5, I said I'll continue until the orange bin before I turn so I can hit 6. When I got to the orange bin I said I'll go until the top of the hill. Then it was until the traffic circle, etc... and at the end I finished with 8.67km

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

sweaty 7

just got in a good hot 7km run, after the workday was over. I got good and sweaty. I thought I was running slow, and that was even intentional, as I expected to have a slow run, but my pace overall was pretty good, and that even includes a couple of minutes when I stopped to walk while on a work-related phone call that came in...

Hot, sunny, sweaty. The best way to run

Monday, June 4, 2018

sunny 6.7

I didnt get to run this morning, but when I got home from Tel Aviv at about 5pm I was itching to run. Desptie the heat. Despite having a physically tiring workday. I just needed it.

I had a great 6.7km run in the sun and not too oppressive heat. Pace was good and I intentionally put effort out to run part of it extra fast, concluding at a significantly faster pace than average.

Good Sun. Good Heat. Good Sweat. Burn it all out, baby!

Sunday, June 3, 2018


I got up early to watch the end of the Cubs game and then get in a short run... While the Cubs went to extra innings, I decided to go for a slightly longer run, though I continued listening to the game while out on the run.

I extended my run to 7, and thought I would actually finish at 7.5km. It turned out to be 7.86, and had I checked the stats before I stopped the clock I would have just extended it to 8, but I only noticed my distance after stopping the run.

It was a good run, and was surprisingly slightly faster than average. Air was cool and I didnt see too many other people out there..

Saturday, June 2, 2018

slowish 6.5

This whole thing since switching back to Endomondo is weird. Sometimes I feel like I had a slow run and I see my pace logged at far faster than I expected, and sometimes I feel like I had a reasonable, or even fast run, and see my pace logged slower than normal. And in general since switching back to Endomondo my pace is significantly faster than it was with Runkeeper.

Tonight it was nice and cool so I decided to go out right away for a run. Even though the entire Shabbos my legs were sore, once I got out there the run itself felt pretty decent most of the time. But when I finished my 6.5km I saw my pace logged at slightly slower than average. Not as slow as normal recovery run, but slower than I thought.

It was a good 6.4 and I am happy

Friday, June 1, 2018

weird 17

Today was strange. I planned on getting up early for a nice 18km long run. When I woke up, I just didnt feel like running. I took my time getting ready, I postponed, and eventually I finally went out thinking maybe I'll do 11-12 instead.

I started as normal, running across Kishon and into the beginning of RBS B. This was instead of doing a Lamed-Hey Loop for 18.5km. Then I ran up Hayarqon and Hayarden. I went up to Dolev and ran 2 loops, and then headed back down Hayarden, Hayargon. When pushing 10, 11, I thought I could go back across Kishon and still hit 17, or even 18 and I was still feeling great. So I fiddled a bit with extensions, part of the bridge to Gimmel, part of the road to the shopping center being built. By the time I passed my house I was already a bit over 13, so I figred I would go for it as I was feeling good and figured it wasnt a stretch. I went back across Kishon, though this time without the extension into RBS B. I finished at 17km, with a good time, slightly better than average. The 17th kilometer, though, was a bit difficult.

The weather was cool but humid, so it was a pleasant enough run.

I didnt add up my mileage (kilometrage) for May, but I did count my runs. While I am now on an 8-day run streak, and thanks to a previous 36 day run streak, In May, a month of 31 days, I had 26 runs.