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Saturday, April 29, 2017

a good Saturday night run

knowing that I might not have a chance to run tomorrow, I went out for a Saturday night run. I have not run on Saturday night in a long time. I have taken a dislike to Saturday night runs and far prefer the Sunday morning runs.

Despite that, tonight's run was pretty good. 8km at a better than recovery pace. There were a lot of runners and walkers out there tonight. The weather was pretty good and the run did not have all the normal Saturday night issues that normally make me not like the Saturday night runs...

Friday, April 28, 2017

another awesome long run

I had an awesome run and calculated it perfectly.

I went out planning for an 18km run. I figured last weeks 20km run was tough at the end and I really need to solidify my base abilities, so running the low end of that range would be good. As well, this would be my fifth run of the week, so no real need for extra long distance. 18km seemed right to me.

I went out early and had an enjoyable run. I calculated each section and how far out in it I would need and my calculations came out perfect. I actually hit the 18km mark just around the corner from my house. I had to go to the medical clinic for my weekly weigh-in, so I rn another 200 meters or so, and then running home would be it. But I decided that if I can tell myself 18, I can be my own master and decide to run another kilometer and show my body who is in charge. So, after my weigh-in I did another bit and finished at 19.4km.

My only worry is that whenever I needed to stop I felt some pain in my right knee. I would start running and it would go away, but then I would feel it again when I stopped. I have to make sure that is nothing serious - it feels like it isn't, just have to make sure.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

here comes the sun

this morning's run was interesting. I knew I wanted to run today, but I also knew that it would be difficult to find a hole in the day in which I could have time for a run. That meant going out early in the morning for a run, like I used to do regularly.

So that is what I did.

The weather was cool, and the run was good. I got in a nice 8km run. I wanted to extend it a bit more, but time constraints prevented me form doing so.

I noticed the stark difference in running early and running during the day with the real sun out.

Running early was nice and pleasant with good temperatures and good crisp air. In the dog days of the summer it won't be like that - it will be hot and stifling even early, but for now it is nice.

Running during the day has the heat and a strong sun beating down on you. You sweat more, you might even struggle more.

I think I prefer the heat and strong sun. I like the sweat. I like the heat and the struggle. It is nice to have a pleasant run, but I love being out in the sun and sweating.

Both of them are great, but right now I like the sun

Sunday, April 23, 2017

slow pace average pace

the weather was so decent, temperature-wise, that I expected this to be a great run. It turns out that the humidity is very high and despite the run being slow it made me very sweaty and unpleasant in general.

I almost bailed early, because of the humidity and the 50 pound weights it felt like had lodged in my left leg.. but decided not to. That is one of the key things I have learned - you don't just give up. Not every run will be great, but as long as you are not risking injury, just make yourself keep going.

I ended up running an 8km recovery run, at a slow pace. This slow pace was my average pace just a few weeks ago, so that makes me happy.

Friday, April 21, 2017

hitting the distance

Today's run was great, and difficult.

I went out a bit earlier than recent runs due to a forecast of extreme heat. The weather started off great but eventually got hot and dry. I was expecting something in the range of about 16km, with the hope of extending it just a bit beyond that.

As I approached the 13km mark I decided I would go for 17km, so I adjusted my route. I miscalculated and finished with a 20km run, the last 3-4 of which were very difficult - it felt very dry and hot and was a bit of a struggle. And the pace was at about my current average pace, despite the longer distance...

Hitting 20km is a big marker. I said I was going to start increasing my distances after Pesach, and this is a good start. I need to repeat it a few times and run the same distances stronger and better, and then keep going...

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

drinking it in

this morning's 8km recovery run was great. Almost every run is great, whether it is a fast run or a slow run - just getting out into the beautiful weather for close to an hour and stretching out, burning some calories, drinking in some sun and fresh air - what more can a person ask for?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

fast 8km

I wanted to get a run in earlier this morning but it did not work out. I finally got out for a late morning run, and it was already hot.

Despite the heat, the run felt great. I did not do intervals or any sort of speed workout, but my 8km run was at a faster pace than I have been running recently. I broke 6mpkm this run. It might mean that my average runs without any unusual effort focusing on speed are getting stronger and faster...

This was a surprisingly good start to summer running

Sunday, April 16, 2017

four runs

Despite the holiday and a tough schedule, I got in 4 good runs last week. I just did not have much computer time to write them up.

Sunday, Monday and Wednesday got me 7-7.5km runs each day. Friday saw me running 14km on a beautiful early morning...

Sunday, April 9, 2017

fab 15

Friday was a great long run. I went out a little bit earlier than in recent weeks. The temps were still cool. I actually thought I would only get in about 12km max, but it just felt so good out there that I just kept going.

I ended up finishing with a 15.5km run at a nice pace.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

hot obstacle course

wow that was hot!

went out mid-day for a short run. It was a good 7km run, but it was really hot. I dont think I could have done much more than what I did. Also a lot of obstacles out on the sidewalks now, as people dispose of large waste items on the sidewalks for bulk pickup because of Pesach cleaning.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

2 parts

squeezed in a late afternoon run, but had to do it in two parts. I had enough time for about 4-5km, but wanted more. So I planned my run to get back home at about 5km, and then paused my tracker. When I finished what I had to do I figured I could squeeze another 2-3km out.. and went out again for nearly 4km.

My final total was 8.76km. It was warm, but had already cooled off a lot for an unseasonably hot day.

Monday, April 3, 2017

seizing the opportunity

I got in a nice 7.7km run this morning. It was warm and humid but the run felt great.

This is one of those weeks in which it is going to be difficult finding time to run - between work and preparing for Pesach - so I have to seize the opportunity when it presents itself, even for a short run...