Sunday, December 16, 2018

good 10-11

This morning I had a good 10-11km run. Again Endomondo tracked it wrong. I stopped when Endomondo said 10km, but it was really about 11km (give or take a tiny bit in either direction). Because the tracking was off, the tracked pace was meaningless, so while it felt like a decent pace, and based on the total time it was probably a little bit faster than average, I really don't know what the pace was.

Good weather, nice run.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

ok 6-7

Endomondo was off again, so I dont know my actual distance, nor my pace. I do know that Endomondo tracked me at Just over 6km, but it was surely closer to 7. I dont think I hit 7, but it would have been pretty close. My pace was a little slower than the past couple of runs, but not a lot, so I really dont know the pace at all.

Overall it was a decent run, probably about average pace. Everything felt normal for a Saturday night run, including some discomfort from overeating a bit on Shabbos.. nothing too exciting..

Friday, December 14, 2018

great 14

I went out a little late, after prepping for Shabbos, at about 11am, for my run.

I didn't have a target distance in mind, but I wanted to run more than 10 and had no expectation of anything close to 20. Anything in between 10 and 20 would have been fine, and it would all depend on how the run was going.

After the first couple of kilometers I found myself running at an extremely fast pace (for me), and I still felt great. I was curious if I could keep it. With some uphill looming, I did not know how much I would slow down and then be able to recover the speed after, so I just kept going as well as I could . Posture, posture, posture. I watched myself very carefully and I think that this was making the run better, and even on the uphill, while slowing down a bit I still felt great and picked up my speed again at the top and was running at a good pace. When I hit the 7km mark, heading down to Mishkafayim, I thought there'd be a chance to hit the 10km mark in under an hour - nowadays a rare accomplishment for me. I pushed hard, and at both the 8 and 9 km markers, it was still in sight. I ran the 10th km super hard and beat the hour target by a lot. I hit 10km at 0:59:21. After turning around at the end of the 10, the next 2.5 or so km would be uphill (some at just a slight incline and some at a steeper incline), I knew I would be running most of the way at a slower pace, so I just slowed down and ran the rest of the way at my more normal pace. Overall, I finished the 14km run at a pretty good pace, with the first 10km being really good.

Posture, posture, posture!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

greatish 6.5

I had a pretty good run. felt good, great weather, strong, great pace (and at times I felt like I could have pushed harder)...nothing went wrong. Except that I stopped at 6.5km when I could have gone more.

It has been a pretty lousy running week (two weeks actually). I am in some sort of funk. It started with avoiding the cold and wet weather, and turned into some laziness and just lack of interest. I felt good today, but just was not interested in going further. I pushed myself to go as much as I did.

I am not sure what's going on, but I'll just try to ride it out...

Monday, December 10, 2018

ok 5

Being that I am not training for a marathon, I did not feel any pressure to go running during the few days we had of very cold and rainy weather, so I didn't.

I just went out now for a nice afternoon run. Was feeling a little rusty and had some minor annoying sensations in various places. I am going to change my shoes and put my orthotics back in for the next few runs and see if that makes a difference...

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

fabulous 33

This morning I ran 33km. I changed my route a little bit - I started off going up Hayarqon, Hayarden, a circuit around Dolev..then I ran down through Mishkafayim, out on the 10, 375 out to Tzomet Aderet, back to RBS, some extensions here and there, then across Kishon a few times.

I had a harder time today focusing on posture, but when I caught myself and remembered I tried to run with better posture. It seems to be paying off as my knees were fine and overall I felt fine. The last 4 or 5 km were particularly slow, but overall it was a good run.

Monday, December 3, 2018

good 10

After a couple days of not running, this morning I gave into my laziness and didn't go out for my run but stayed in bed a little longer.. but after getting the kids out to school I decided to start my work day with a run.

Got in a good 10km at a good pace. Everything felt good. I am trying to work on improving my posture while running, and it requires paying attention and making adjustments, and I keep catching myself slipping on that..

Thursday, November 29, 2018

disappointing 27

you cant really be disappointed by a 27km run, but it was slightly disappointing. I was hoping for a 30-31km run.

I woke up early and everything went well. Was feeling good and running fine. After two cycles across Kishon I went out to the 10, 375 out to Aderet Junction and back, and then more on Kishon.

The run was going well, and Endomondo tracking seemed to be fine today. The last 4 or 5km I started to slow down significantly and specifically my left knee was feeling tight. At 27 I stopped for a drink and was determined to finish up with another 3km, but when I tried to start running it was just too difficult. I could have struggled through it but did not see the point just to hit the number. 27 is also good.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

lousy 6.5

This morning was just lousy. I planned for  along run. Was hoping to break 30km, maybe 32, but keeping it under 35.

First I woke up a little later than planned, after waking up early and then going back to bed. Then I went out and after the first couple of kilometers, nothing felt right. It was just going poorly. Maybe I will try again tomorrow.

Also, for the past week and a half, Endomondo has been measuring my distances differently each run. I can really only tell by the first kilometer marker. Once that is off, I no longer know where the next markers will be, but I can also tell by the pace it thought I ran that long km. When it is measuring the km significantly too long, obviously the pace is much "slower", so I know when it tells me the pace if the kilometer marker was more or less right or wrong, though I dont know by how much and even just estimating the pace is not accurate, but it gives me an idea. I dont know why this is suddenly happening, but I might switch apps because of it.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

stiff 5

The air was so chilly this morning that my body felt stiff and never really warmed up. That's why I stopped at 5km, even though it was a decent run...

Saturday, November 24, 2018

slow 10

Had a nice recovery run. Overall felt good, but ran slow and couldnt run faster eve had I wanted to.

The first 4.5km I ran with my son. Afer that he cut out and went home and I continued on. I thought I would continue on just to hit 6 or 7km, but went all the way out for 10..

Friday, November 23, 2018

easy 17.5

There is nothing easy about running 17.5 kilometers, but in the title I meant I took it easy and ran an easy paced 17.5km. And it was very nice, no struggle and I ran steadily the entire ay.

What was great about this run is that I planned to go out for 5 or 6 km, sort of a recovery run as I had been very sore yesterday. I started my run at an easy pace and everything felt good, so I kept going. Even after finishing 17.5 I didnt feel like I had had enough and needed to stop. I could have kept going.

I actually woke up early to run but it was raining. Since I am not training for a marathon and am not on a tight training schedule, I decided to skip it. I eventually stopped raining so after I finished doing some stuff for Shabbos preparations I decided to go out. I ended up being out much longer than expected and I enjoyed it the entire time

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

painful 26

I didnt know how much I would run. I wanted a long run but had no intention of going over 30km, and was hoping for at least 28, but minimum wanted 24, 25km.

I ended with 26km but the last few km were painful. Some bad chafing, and my speed got really slow. No real pain, so that is good. Just body wasn't up to it today./ I am more sore now post-run than I was after both my recent long runs of 30 and 35km...

Monday, November 19, 2018

tough 11

I went out for a mid-day run, in the warm weather. It was a bit warmer than I had expected, and my legs still felt sore and heavier than I had expected. After the first couple of kilometers I dropped any expectations of pace and quality, but I was still hoping to hit 10km. I pushed through and struggled a bit but I was approaching my 10km target. Just as I was finishing my last few meters, struggling and happy to be finished, a friend ran by me. I hadn't seen him in a bit and wanted to say hi so I ran hard to catch up with him and chat while running a bit. I ended up getting an extra kilometer because of it, and it was also probably my fastest kilometer of the run, not including the first two that were at a fast pace.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

decent 7

not the greatest run but I squeezed out 7km at a decent pace on tired legs...