Monday, November 11, 2019

tough 7.5

that was a tough run, but overall good. I really felt the tiredness in my legs today, and that made for a tough run. Add that to very windy weather and the run was really tough. Overall it was fine and I ran 7.5km at an average pace, but it was tough and a struggle. I am probably going to take tomorrow off to give my legs a break.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

good 6

Had a good run this morning, though not sure how. 6km at a fast pace. I was still very sore from Friday's long run and last night's run. I guess the recovery run helped somewhat, but I was still feeling very sore. I expected another slow run. After the first few moments of running stiffly, my muscles loosened up and I had a strong fast run...

Saturday, November 9, 2019

fine 7

went out really sore tonight for a recovery run. expected a lousy run, but it was actually decent. Slow, but decent.

I felt surprisingly good, and after the first few moments, my muscles settled down and I did not really feel much of the soreness or achiness. I ran at a slow pace but I felt pretty strong for a Motzash ran and pushed to 7km

Friday, November 8, 2019

good 26.5

had a good 26.5km run this morning at average pace. I didnt run enough this week to push 30 again, so I planned for 25 and got 26.5 Most of the run was a fast ace, but the Zechariya, tzeelim and Hayarqon hills at the end were just too much...

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

speedy 10

I wanted to run but woke up too late this morning for a good medium length run, so I hoped I would have time to get one in after the unusual heat broke in the late afternoon. So I went out late, and decided the time was right to finally put on the new pair of shoes I have had waiting in my cabinet... I suspect these will be faster shoes for me, as the previous pair from the same brand that i had generally had me running faster.

I did not feel particularly strong today and was a little tired, but had a great fast run, breaking an hour for 10km. The boost from the new shoes might have been mental today, so I wont say the shoes are amazing, but we'll see how they do in the future...

Monday, November 4, 2019

fabulous 6.5

Had a great 6.5km run. Felt good and strong despite being in a bit of a running funk recently. Ran very strong and fast. I just need to get back to a routine and consistency

Thursday, October 31, 2019

great 6

I went out expecting a basic run, nothing special. It was late and warm already, but I love running in the sun and also, warm today is nothing like warm a month or two ago. But still I was not expecting a special run.

I went out feeling strong, and before I knew it I had a 6km run at a very fast pace!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

jump-start 5

This hasnt been a good week for running. Between not being in the mood to run along with some bad timing, it just has not happened all week until this morning. I still was not really in the mood to go out and run, but I know the way back is just to force yourself out. So I did. I had a lazy run, felt ok but legs felt a little heavy. Pace was average. This was just a jump-start run so I had no reason to go more than 5km, so that's all I did

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

disappointing 5

I was having a great run at a great, very fast pace. In the middle I had to take a work call. After that my watch was messed up and I could not focus. After running just a little bit more I decided to call it quits. At the end I had a 5km run at a nice fast pace. Disappointing because I had been planning a 6.5km run and did not get it, but happy with how I felt and the pace I ran at was surprisingly good.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

recovery 6

Despite still being sore from Friday's long run of 25km, I went out on a recovery run tonight expecting a difficult and slow run. And that's what I got. Slow, and tough, and even with a bit of disinterest... but I did it. 6km at a slow pace

Friday, October 18, 2019

great 25

Had a great 25km run this morning. Ran with someone, for the first time in ages. I suspected it would help with my speed, as this guy is a little faster than me and it would push me to keep up.Overall we ran at a fast pace until the last few km of uphill running that slowed our pace down to about average.

I ran across Kishon, meeting my partner at the corner of Kishon and Hayarden, into Bet and back, on the bridge to Gimmel, and then out to do a Lamed Hei loop. Back in up Tzeelim we turned into the new area and then ran up Hayarqon and then back down to home, finishing at 25km. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

great 11

had a great run this morning, despite tough humidity. Just felt great. Even the uphills were strong and at a fast pace. I ended with 11km at a fast pace.

I started with my regular route, across Kishon, the bridge to Gimmel, up Hayarqon and up through the Yarmuth Park. At the top as I left the park I turned right instead of left. Initially I planned just to urn to the traffic circle, about 100m away, just to get a little extra extension there. Beyond that is mostly construction sites so I never really though about venturing out that way. As I hit the circle and was turning around, I decided to turn left into the site rather than make the full turn. This site is the entrance  to what I think will eventually be the new neighborhood of RBS Hei (E). The way in was all uphill, but not steep as I was already near the top anyway, but the roads are beautiful and wide and empty. I ran around up there taking different roads and looking around and eventually turned around and ran back home, down again through the ark and then back via Hayarqon.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

good 7

another good run this morning, after my schedule got messed up. Wanted to run early but didnt have enough time, but then where I was supposed to be didn't work out so I ended up running a little later. It was already getting hot and muggy but had a good run. Went 7km, at a significantly better pace than last night. average but borderline fast

Monday, October 14, 2019

good 7

had a good, average paced, 7km run. better than expected. legs were sore all day I thought for sure it would be a lousy run. I even almost considered not going for the run and waiting until morning, but then decided to do it anyway even if it wouldnt be a great run. and it turned out ok, slow end of average, but that is far better than I expected

Saturday, October 12, 2019

unexpected 15

I went out for a run and was feeling overall pretty good. After I began I knew I would get in a longer run than typical Motzash run, question being how much longer. Pace was slowish, but I felt good, so i just kept going. At some point I figured I could try to make up for a my lousy run on Friday that i cut extremely short, so I just kept going. I ended up running a 15km run, which is good for the long pullback run i had planned for Friday. I felt like I could have kept running but saw no reason to push it.