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Monday, August 31, 2020

tough 6.5

 it was hot and tiring, but I ran 6.5km. slow but it is in the books!

Sunday, August 30, 2020

good 5

 slow but good 5km run

Friday, August 28, 2020

tough 6.5

 I went out today planning to run more than 5. I didn't have a specific gooal, but I considered every option from 6.5 to 8km.

The run was tough. I was slow, my legs felt heavy and tired, as did I in general, and it was just a struggle. I decided to cut it short at 5 considering the quality of the run and figured that would be more than acceptable, considering it is my 5th run of the week after weeks of no running or little running. But then as I was approaching 5, I decided to just keep going for a bit. No reason why not. So I am a little tired, so the run isnt great, so it is a bit of a struggle and not the smoothest of runs. So what? So I ran 6.5km. 

Thursday, August 27, 2020

good 5

 4th run of the week... while no planning isnt the same as bad planning, it is not all that different. I prefer to run Wednesdays, as then I can not run Thursday and run Friday. When coming back form a period of no running plus pain and issues, it is not advisable to run too much, which I might be doing anyway, but I didn't want to run 4 consecutive days. But I didn't really think about it at the time. I woke up Tuesday morning and ran, just because. Only later did I realize that that would mean not running Wednesday. Then if I dont run Thursday, I am getting into a pattern. so by running Tuesday I messed up my schedule.

So I ran today, and hopefully I will run tomorrow. Today was good. Saw more improvement. Ran hard, worked, even struggled a bit, but it was a good run.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

good 5

 3 days in a row! i was hesitant again today, feeling like if I ran I might feel the pain again, so I was ready to just go for a walk, but I had no problem and was able to run.

5km on another hot and humid morning. Each day I have been getting increasingly not as slow - I don't think i can say increasingly faster yet... I find myself working harder on the runs and keeping myself to the form and gait I think works for me.

I also think it might be time for new shoes. One pair of running shoes is pretty worn down. The other is still in good shape. An orthopedist told me to switch to Hokas, so that might be my next pair and maybe it will be better for me. we'll see

Monday, August 24, 2020

good 5

 running two consecutive days? that hasn't happened in a while! I was truly not even expecting it. I went out for a run thinking it would turn into a walk. I was a little sore from yesterday's run still, along with the fact that recently any time I run, I have had some strange pains for a few days after the run that would prevent any further running. So I went out ready for a run, though slightly later than usual, but expecting to go for a walk. But I started my run and was not feeling any pf those pains, so I just went ahead and did my 5km run.

And it was a good run. I felt like I was working and benefiting from a real run. It felt good. 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

good 5

 It was a struggle. I havent run in a few weeks, have been in all sorts of pain with my feet and knees recently, and it was a hot and humid morning. But I got out there and made it through 5km. Nowadays that is a good run, no matter the pace or how well the run actually was. Just getting out there made it good.

Friday, August 7, 2020

good 6.5

Getting a pain free run is good, so even though it was a slow run, it was still a good run, and it was my first of the week.

Nowadays I am having a number of strange pains in my feet and legs so getting runs in is difficult. Even if I get a pain free run in, the pain comes up after the run and prevents me from running for a few days - and this time it was a full week. A few times during the week I went ourt for a run thinking it was gone and I would be able to run only to find the pain immediately upon beginning the run. I don't know where it is coming from, if perhaps my core is weak and my form is bad (I don't think so but maybe) or if I have an actual injury (I don't think so), or if it is my shoes or my orthotics or my gait or something else.

Whatever it is, today I was able to run, and I don't know what the future brings - maybe I will be able to run again in the next few days, maybe I won't.