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Saturday, November 30, 2019

recovery 6

still very sore from Friday, but decided to go out anyway. I ran slow, and even though I felt like I could have pushed myself a bit more and run a little faster (but still very slow) I just took it easy and went for a slow 6km recovery run without trying to push myself. Just being out there was enough for me tonight.

Friday, November 29, 2019

long 30

Running myself, I planed to run about 30km, running to the 38 through Bet Shemesh and then along the bike trail beside the Highway 38 to Messilat Tzion and back the same route to Bet Shemesh and then Road 10 to RBS.

the only thing not to like about this route is that the last 9km of a 30km run would be all uphill - though only some of it steep. I hate routes that end with long uphills, because they are so much harder at the end of a long run. But I never ran the bike trail before and it was a good opportunity to try the route.

I started off Running across Kishon and through RBS B. I took Levi Eshkol to the Industrial Zone then down to Road 10 and out to the bike trail just before the 38. The trail was pleasant enough with the way out being more uphill (after being mostly downhill from my house to the 38) but also a lot of flat stretches. At Messilat Tzion I turned and ran back. Road 10 was tough, both because of the uphill and because of the sun now being right in my face. I didnt have sunglasses because I started my run in the dark. I pushed on, at a much slower speed than the first 21km had been run at. One step at a time. Eventually as I approached RBS, there was a car on the shoulder ahead of me and someone trying to change a tire. I stopped to offer assistance, and it turned out to be a neighbor of mine. The tire was stuck, but I got a little break. After unsuccessfully trying for a few minutes, I gave him the number of a volunteer roadside service, which he called, and I continued on my way. I finished my run at exactly 30km by my house, so the distance was planned perfectly, without any need for extensions.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

weird 6

This was a weird run. I missed a run yesterday because I have had a few super busy days working well into the night and yesterday I just couldnt get up to run, and was too tired later when it eventually became possible. This morning as well I was just too tired and worn out to run. Finally a respite after finishing a crazy project, i felt bad missing a run this morning but was just too worn out and feeling tired. After a cancellation and some time that opened up I decided I would go out anyway, and despite the fact that i knew it would be a slow and short run, I just did not have the energy for working hard.

I started running, and did not notice anything unusual but I felt, as I had expected, that i was taking it easy and having a nice slow run. Then after I hit some distance marker I noticed my pace was actually very fast, but I continued to feel as if it was slow and I was not putting any special effort into running fast. I continued running and continued to notice the fast pace staying pretty consistent. I finished with a 6km at a fast pace, which is weird to me considering how it felt.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

great 6

not sure how but got a really fast run in this morning. 6km

Friday, November 22, 2019

great 10

I missed my run this morning. I woke up a little late after a late night. Adding to that it was raining and cold, so I decided to just skip it, albeit reluctantly.

Later in the day the run cleared up and it got sunny and nice. I got dressed and ran out. The sidewalks and streets in the area I am staying on are kind of narrow and busy, so not great for running. So, I ran down to the waterfront to run there again instead of running through the city. When I got there though I thought it might be windy off the sea so I turned right and ran around the other side of the port. That was good because I was able to get some distance in a mostly deserted area, meaning I could mostly run in the streets, and sticking to the closest road to the water allowed me to not get lost, though the industrial port area was pretty drab with no view. After that I ran along the waterfront boardwalk to a bit past the White Tower and back. The weather was beautiful by then and the crowds of people were out walking, fishing, running, biking, skateboarding and enjoying the beautiful afternoon.

I had a great 10km run in beautiful weather at a nice fast pace

Thursday, November 21, 2019

good 10

I woke up in the middle of the night and after a while gave up trying to go back to sleep. At some point I decided it was no longer too early to go out for a run, even though it was very dark outside and I suspected pretty cold.

It turned out to not be as cold as I expected, and the run was far more pleasant as well than I had expected. I ran along the waterfront, which was not windy despite my expectations, all the way to the end and back, finishing at just over 10km at average pace.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

interesting 6.5/7

finding myself in Thessaloniki Greece for a bit I went out for my morning run. New places that are unfamiliar means running slow, as I try to keep my bearings so I dont get lost. We are staying in an AirBnB downtown and that is near the Aegean Sea, which is an embayment of the Mediterranean Sea. So, if I look real hard I might be able to see my house. I ran around town , including along the coastal road with the Sea beside me. I ran past the local Chabad house.

Overall I ran 6.5km, at a average pace, which was really 7km as at one point  I had paused my watch and forgotten to restart it for a bit.

Monday, November 18, 2019

windy 7

the wind out there is insane, strong and constant. During large stretches it felt like I was running into a brick wall. And at other stretches it felt like I was being blown from the side into the street or into a wall beside me. And then there were small stretches with the wind behind me that it felt like I was flying. Somehow, with all that wind, I had a very fast 7km run and felt great..

Sunday, November 17, 2019

good 7

got a late, mid-morning run. It was a little warmer than expected but not unpleasant. it was nice to run in the sun. What was at times a nice breeze was at other times a very strong headwind. Overall I ran 7+km at an average pace.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

recovery 7

good slow, very slow, recovery run.. was planning on 5 but was running ok, felt no need to stop or anything like that so just pushed it to 7

Friday, November 15, 2019

good 30

capped off a good week of running with a solo 30km run. My running partner of recent was not able to run with me so I went out not sure of what distance I would run, or what route.

I was hoping for close to 30, but I did not want to have the major uphills in the last portion of the run as it was in recent weeks. So, I decided to get the hills in the first part, but even that at a minimum. I ran across Kishon, then up through Park Yarmuth, across Hayarden, down through Mishkafayim, out on the 10 and 375 until nearly Netiv Halamed Hei. Then I ran back into RBS and down Hayarqon. That got me up to about 19km. The rest of the way would be a couple of circuits across Kishon, depending on the final distance I would shoot for. I ended up doing it twice, with some adjustments, and finished at 30km... Average pace overall.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

average 10

good run, 10km at average pace. It seems there was a siren in the region warning of incoming rockets while I was out running, but I did not hear them, probably because of my listening to podcasts. Had I heard them I might have run faster :-)

Monday, November 11, 2019

tough 7.5

that was a tough run, but overall good. I really felt the tiredness in my legs today, and that made for a tough run. Add that to very windy weather and the run was really tough. Overall it was fine and I ran 7.5km at an average pace, but it was tough and a struggle. I am probably going to take tomorrow off to give my legs a break.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

good 6

Had a good run this morning, though not sure how. 6km at a fast pace. I was still very sore from Friday's long run and last night's run. I guess the recovery run helped somewhat, but I was still feeling very sore. I expected another slow run. After the first few moments of running stiffly, my muscles loosened up and I had a strong fast run...

Saturday, November 9, 2019

fine 7

went out really sore tonight for a recovery run. expected a lousy run, but it was actually decent. Slow, but decent.

I felt surprisingly good, and after the first few moments, my muscles settled down and I did not really feel much of the soreness or achiness. I ran at a slow pace but I felt pretty strong for a Motzash ran and pushed to 7km

Friday, November 8, 2019

good 26.5

had a good 26.5km run this morning at average pace. I didnt run enough this week to push 30 again, so I planned for 25 and got 26.5 Most of the run was a fast ace, but the Zechariya, tzeelim and Hayarqon hills at the end were just too much...

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

speedy 10

I wanted to run but woke up too late this morning for a good medium length run, so I hoped I would have time to get one in after the unusual heat broke in the late afternoon. So I went out late, and decided the time was right to finally put on the new pair of shoes I have had waiting in my cabinet... I suspect these will be faster shoes for me, as the previous pair from the same brand that i had generally had me running faster.

I did not feel particularly strong today and was a little tired, but had a great fast run, breaking an hour for 10km. The boost from the new shoes might have been mental today, so I wont say the shoes are amazing, but we'll see how they do in the future...

Monday, November 4, 2019

fabulous 6.5

Had a great 6.5km run. Felt good and strong despite being in a bit of a running funk recently. Ran very strong and fast. I just need to get back to a routine and consistency