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Friday, September 28, 2018

disappointing 6

After a great week of running I thought I would, and expected to, cap it off today with a good long run. Unfortunately I got out there and felt lousy. Everything felt off and I was just trudging along. I am sure I could have forced myself to make it to 10 or 11km, but I knew I couldnt force a 25 or even 20km run feeling like this.

I am pretty sure that I felt like this because of overrunning yesterday with a very fast run. I should have stuck to the plan, which was either no run for a very slow short run, but I felt so good the entire week with faster than expected runs I just got carried away in the moment. I have to remember to stick to the plan, even with some flexibility, but more or less stick to it. the plan is there for a reason

Thursday, September 27, 2018

fast 6

My fast week continues, unexpectedly, with an even faster run this morning. At the first kilometer marker I saw I was running faster than I had assumed, so I paid attention to see if I could keep it going. It was almost effortless, and my pace stayed the same or slightly faster throughout.

I finished at 6km, running the fastest pace I can recall in years. This was despite a late night due to the Bet Shemesh Festival and an early morning. I was not even planning to run. It just worked out because I was awake anyway.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

great 10

A good fast 10km run this morning. It seems this week of running is one of the fastest i remember, overall, in a long time. Each run seems to be good and I am not feeling tired on the runs. Good speed, good stamina and good energy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

great 5

As of last night, I was planning on going for a shortish run this morning. I wasn't sold 100% on it, as I thought I would need a break for a good run on Wednesday, but I was leaning to running. But then I went to sleep very late and just could not get up early enough to run. Fortunately, being Chol Hamoed means it is a quiet, relaxed, day with not much scheduled. So I decided I had nothing urgent to do anyway so i went out for a short run.

I thought it would be a slow run, after running last night, but I surprisingly ran very fast. Much faster than my norm. I kept it to 5km, even though I felt fine and felt like I could have gone further.

Monday, September 24, 2018

good 8

8km run this evening after the holiday. It was better than I expected. A good, slow-ish, run. Nothing fancy, but felt good despite overeating and despite a longer run yesterday

Sunday, September 23, 2018

great 11

I wore my new shoes again, without orthotics, even though I was planning a slightly longer run. I was expecting in the 7-8km range, dependent on feel after Friday and Saturday night runs, so I figured the slightly longer distance would also be a good test..

I was feeling really good and my first couple of kilometers were fast, so I decided instead of running up Hayarden and then back, I would run out on the 10 to the 375 and back. Doing that was a bit aggressive as it would mean a minimum of 10km, unless I would turn early, which would only happen if I was suddenly feeling really bad.

I kept going and kept feeling really good. I was still running pretty fast and even passed a couple of other runners I had set my sights on when they were ahead of me.

I finished with a good, fast, 11km.

These new shoes, On Cloud Running, felt pretty good. Paying attention to the feel is easier without orthotics. The sensation is definitely different. The unusual sole of the shoe really absorbs, or dulls, a lot of the impact and feels kind of spongy and soft

Saturday, September 22, 2018

good 5

I ran tonight in my new running shoes and tried it without my orthotics. It felt fine. Will continue testing, generally on short runs, to see how different things feel.

Due to being short on time, I kept the run to 5km, even though I would have liked to get in 7 and felt fine. Instead I'll count on tomorrow morning's run to get in the additional distance I was hoping for.

Friday, September 21, 2018

great 19

I did not know how much I was going to run today, but I did know it would be less than last week's 23km. I figured, after Yom Kippur, realistically a good run would be in the range of 15km, but I left it open with no plan leavcing it dependant on how I would feel on the road.

I started my regular route across Kishon, then up Hayarqon and Hayarden. I then did two loops around Dolev and back down Hayarden to the Hayarden Hayarqon traffic circle to pick up water I had left there. I turned and ran back to Refaim and then turned down to Mishkapafayim via the new road. I ran through Mishkafayim and out to Road 10 until 375 and then back. On the way in I ran back up to RBS and then went down the road behind the new buildings on Hayarqon, just above the new park that is still closed off. Popping back up at the end of that area, I ran down to the Merkaz of RBS and then back home, finishing at a bit over 19km. And I felt great the entire way.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

ok 5

The run after a fast day is never fast. It usually isn't eve good.

Today's run was ok. I felt good, even though my legs felt tired. The first 2km were faster than I expected. They were even faster than I thought I was running. But then I slowed down a lot. I still felt good, but my legs really felt tired. I thought about maybe going 7 slow km, but stopped at 5 when I felt my legs really begin to feel tired, so as not to hurt my chances on tomorrow's run..

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

great 10

had a great 10km run. I tried to do intervals, but without real tracking, nd I was listening to the Cubs game, I could only do the intervals by feel - meaning, I did each speed interval for as long and as fast as I could push my legs, and my slower in between sections were also based on the uphills and for as long as I felt my legs needed to recover, so the intervals were there but not even or paced. Anyways, I finished the 10km at a good pace and felt strong the entire way

Sunday, September 16, 2018

better 7

Still feeling sore, I thought about another recovery run this morning. After going to sleep late, I didnt want to run early this morning. A mid-day break allowed me some running time in the heat.

So, I had a nice slow run. It was slow both because of my soreness and because of the heat. It was actually a little faster than last night's run but a work phone call in the middle made me stop running and it messed up the time tracking of the run but the reality of the run was slow but slightly faster than last night, and I went farther distance. I finished the run at 7km.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

recovery 5

with my legs still very sore from Friday I expected a really lousy recovery run. It turns out I had a short and slow recovery run, but it wasn't lousy. Even with sore legs I felt strong and ran well, albeit slow. I was feeling sore but good.

Friday, September 14, 2018

beautiful 23km

I wanted a long run today but did not know how I would feel... turns out I felt great.

I ran out across Kishon then up to Dolev Dolev. I decided to do a Dolev loop, and then headed out to Tzomet Aderet. I actually did not know how far out on the 375 I would run, but I was running well and figured the more extended now, the less I would have to extend later when tired, so I kept adding bits until I found myself at Tzomet Aderet..

From about 17km I really started to feel worn out and the run got difficult. That was also where it became mostly an uphill incline - sometimes steep and sometimes slight, but still uphill. I made it all the way, but really slowed down a lot at that point. In the end I finished with a slightly slower than average 23km on a beautiful morning and a beautiful route.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

tired 5

I shouldnt have run today and didnt want to, but being up early I just did it. I had planned a medium length run, but then realized that being Thursday, a medium run would mess up my Friday schedule. So I scrapped it and went for a short run. The holiday messed with my schedule and mind, but that's alright.

I was tired, and worn out and just trudged along. I ran a little more than 5km and then stopped. My energy level is a little low right now. Hopefully it will pick up soon.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

post holiday 6

After 2 days of Rosh Hashana holiday with a lot of sitting in shul, a lot of praying, a lot of eating, a lot of sitting around, I finally got to get out and stretch my legs tonight after the holiday finished. I started the new year of running with a slow and steady 6.25km run. I was feeling heavy and lethargic, so I had no expectations from the run but to get out and stretch my legs and get my blood flowing a bit.

Every run is different, and changing one thing does not usually tell you much. I took advantage of planning a short and slow run to also start breaking in a new pair of shoes. I am always willing to try new things and I came across Swiss shoes called On Cloud that seemed like good shoes and I decided t give them a try, knowing that my shoes are nearing the end of their kilometers lifespan, after a long summer of a lot of running. They felt mostly fine, and for now I will alternate between them and my Altra Provision shoes, which I love. Hopefully these will be durable and last me a while.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

last 5

Last 5km of the year. Nice and easy. Squeezed it out after almost skipping it and going back to bed.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

recovery 10

Tonight was definitely going to be no better than a classic recovery run. I was sore and tight from Friday and recovery run it would be. On the other hand, with Rosh Hashana approaching, this week is going to have less runs than normal. So, I decided despite being a recovery run, I would try to get more mileage than usual for a Saturday night run, if my legs would stand up for it.

It was sore, tight and difficult, but I got the 10km in, at recovery pace.

Friday, September 7, 2018

awesome 20

I was kind of tired and thought I'd go out for a maybe 8km run, maximum 10. I even started my route with that in mind, crossing Kishon. My plan was then to go up Hayarqon, Hayarden and maybe a loop around dolev before heading home, if not only part of that.

When I got up to the corner of Hayarqon and Hayarden, I decided to head out on the 10 and then back. Running out, I decided to turn and go out on the 375 before heading back. While out there I decided to keep goig out until Netiv HaLamed Hei before turning. Then on the way back in, I decided to do a loop through Mishkafayim, While in Mishkafayim, I decided to run to the end and then up the road to the corner of Hayarden and Dolev. And from there I ran home finishing at 20km. The run was a little on the slow side, which is fine, but I am happy I was able to go much father than I had planned or expected.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Another awesome 9

Another run in tel aviv. This time I went further into the city, just so I could see more of the city streets, planning to finish up turning west and running along the beach. I lost my bearings a couple of times but that allowed me to see even more of the beautiful city than planned. Eventually I made my way westward and got to the beach and ran north along the boardwalk. I stopped at one point for a dip in the sea before finishing my run and heading back. I finished with 9km in my logs.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Awesome 9

I went running this morning in tel aviv. I started running along the streets of Tel Aviv, checking out the sights on the early morning roads, and quickly found my way over to the boardwalk along the Mediterranean Sea. I ran south on the boardwalk and eventually turned around and ran north. At some point I took a break and jumped in for a swim. After a bit I showered and dressed and went back to running to where I needed to be, finishing at a bit over 9km. A few runners and walkers were out on the streets, but there were a lot of runners and walkers out on the boardwalk

Monday, September 3, 2018

wiped out 7

This morning I was tired after a late affair last night. I was resigned to not running today, but then in the middle of the day my calendar cleared for a bit.

I like running in the heat so I figured I would try for a decent distance run despite the heat. It was a good strong run until the uphill section when the incline plus the heat got to me and wiped me out. I decided to cut down my ambition and finished the run at 7 at a decent pace - with the first 4km strong and fast averaging out with the last 2km being slow... Endomondo behaved today and tracked me with the distance markers that i am familiar with and the pace seemed right as well..

Saturday, September 1, 2018

pretty good 8.5

I went out for a run and had a pretty good one. Endomondo is still making me crazy. suddenly both the distances and probably the pace are wrong, or not what I am used to. It is marking the kilometers at different points, significantly different, so I am not sure if this is right and all along it has been wrong or if now it is wrong. ANd that affects the pace trackiong. I thought I had a good strong, not fast but strong and probably average or slightly better than average pace but it tracked me at a slow pace. Maybe I just need a real GPS running watch to know that it is being tracked properly.