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Wednesday, April 29, 2020


After not running all week because of my hamstring, i figured it was time and I would now be able to, as it was feeling fine in day to say use by now. Unfortunately I went out and after a couple hundred meters, I started to feel it again. I stopped right away thinking better to give it more time now than to hurt it again and have to take even more time off...

Friday, April 24, 2020

disappointing 6

I wanted to run more than 10km today - maybe in the 12-15 range. Unfortunately, when i started running I was feeling some pain in my hamstring. At first I thought it would go away as I warm up, but after a few kilometres it still was not going away, and I was not even running hard (because I really couldnt). I pushed myself to 6km, but it wasnt really a good run, even though by my old measures it was a fast run.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

slower 6

This mornings run was too close to yesterday evenings run, so I was still stiff and not really settled for running, but I wanted to get back to my schedule of morning running, especially with the weather getting hotter now..

6km at a slower pace that just a few months ago would have been considered fast....

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

face mask 5

Thankfully they eased soe of the restrictions and they now are allowing sport outdoors (with certain limitations), though only within 500 meters of your house. So I ran back and forth 500m in each direction..

I only had time for 5k by the time I got out for a run this afternoon, but it was at a good speed. I wore a facemask, as the rules require. It isnt easy running like that. It gets very hot and sweaty and it is hard to breathe, but it is better than nothing. There were moments where I had to lower the mask so I could get some air  and cool off a tad...

Pace was good, and as I get back into more normal runs, it will likely start feeling smoother again..

Friday, April 17, 2020

10km in the lot

I woke up early but not early enough to get a significant run in before the first shtiebel minyan this morning, so I just waited until later when the parking lot would be empty again, after all the minyanim.

With the lot to myself I was able to run 10km practically undisturbed. A few people coming and going over the course of the run but I was able to avoid them and be on the other side of the lot or give a wide berth when they passed by.

Based on the graph, 10km in the parking lot is not all that different form 6 or 8km...

Thursday, April 16, 2020

8 again

I got up early enough that I figured I could get at least 8, if the shtiebel is active early today, or maybe even around 15-18 if the shtiebel is only active for the late minyan.

Thins were looking promising when I hit 8km. Nobody had come out yet, and the sky was already getting light. I needed to go inside for a pit stop. A few minutes later I came out and there were a few people out there just getting started on their services. I wont have time to continue later, so I just saved the run on my watch.

I might have to switch my runs to evenings when there is likely less of a chance of them being interrupted like this.

Regarding the run itself, it seemed a strange as my GPS watch was tracking me as running significantly faster than all my other runs in this location, but I did not feel like I was running faster.

When I saw the running map after my watch synced with the software on my phone, I realized it was just totally messed up. I did not leave my parking lot during the run - I did not even have to go down to the street today to pick up the initial signal. Yet take a look at the map below - it is totally insane where it thinks I ran, and I have no idea how it thinks I got to those corners, running through buildings and fences and all...

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

7.25 in the shtiebel

so it turns out I am running in a shtiebel, not a parking lot. After starting my run and getting interrupted by an early minyan, I went in and cooked, davened and learned daf yomi. When i was finished with all that, the parking lot was empty, so I went back out to run some more. I got another 4km in before the regular minyan came out. So just as I hit 7.25km, I had to go inside as other people were coming out and starting their services.

if you were ever curious what running in the shtiebel might look like, I guess this is it:

3 so far

I woke up early with allergies. After a little bit of going crazy, I decided to go out and run. After about 3.35km, a group of people came out from a neighboring building to daven. I don't know why, as they havent done so at this time of day until now (I know because I am often outside running then). Regardless, when they came out, I stopped and went inside.

So, so far I have run 3.35km. I only paused my watch as I am hoping that I will be able to run a little more later.

It is a shame because I was having a good run and was on track to break 10km.

Monday, April 13, 2020


yesterday I went out to run but my knees hurt so I stopped. Today I went out to run, but didnt have mental fortitude. I pushed myself to finish 4km, but that was it. Also, the GPPS today was not working so well. It took a lot of time to pick up the signal, and then during the run it auto-paused many times, which I think happens when it loses the gps signal. I have said before that the pace is messed up probably because of the lousy gps signal in my parking lot - I am wondering if the distance is also messed up and tracked incorrectly because of it.

Friday, April 3, 2020

6 wall to wall

I adjusted my run a little bit, and instead of form the shed to the white Subaru, after trimming some tree branches I was able to run alongside the shed for a few more steps, though it was narrow there, and next to the Subaru to the wall for a few more steps. That cut my four laps per 100 meters to just a tad over 3, and I weaved a little bit for some diversity..

Overall I ran 6km. I was going to run more but people by then were coming out for different purposes and I felt uncomfortable running out there while they were in my path, though I made sure to give wide berth every time I passed them.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

4 from the shed to the white Subaru

that is basically my run nowadays.. from the shed to the white Subaru, and back, and again and again and again, etc. That is what is located at each end of my building parking lot - one end has a shed and the other has a white Subaru parked.

Today I only got in 4 kilometers of this back and forth route, about 160 laps, give or take. I got a little bit of a late start and then had to get to shiur (via Zoom). The pace was very slow, but in reality it didnt feel even close to that slow. I dont know if the pace is recorded accurately or if the GPS signal might be messed up because of the close quarters and the walls and cars there. Many times it loses the signal and auto pauses, thinking I stopped, and then auto resumes moments later. I suspect the location might have GPS dead spots and that might throw the tracking off somewhat.