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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

very good 10

 Altra Paradigm

I hit the 10km mark today!

After a busy morning in which I couldnt find time to run, I got out knowing my time was tight and would have to keep it short. All morning I was regretting not having run because it was a beautiful morning and I was feeling really good, no soreness, not tired at all, just felt good and full of energy. A bit after noon I figured I can go for a short run and would probably get a good pace on it as well, so while I had been resigned to not running today and running tomorrow instead, I figured better to go out for a short good run than waiting for tomorrow when who knows what will be. Well, I went out and was having a really good run feeling great and I just decided to keep going and be a little late for where I needed to be. I ended running 10km at a nicely improved pace. I am not there yet but I am getting closer to the pace I used to run marathons at, which itself was pretty slow as well...

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