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Friday, March 15, 2024

good 11.5

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My goal today was to extend my run farther than 10km. I had decided that after the Jerusalem Marathon 10km I would start working on extending distance, so it was time to follow through. Today's run was 11.5km in cool but nice weather. I ran my regular route than down through Mishkafayim, onto 3855 (aka Road 10), out on the 375 a bit and then back. The run was a bit slow as it included some good hills along with my knees feeling a little wonky and the pain in my thigh from a few weeks back niggling again for part of the run. Still, I persevered and ran 11.5km. So, even though it was slower, and even though my body wasnt feeling 100%, it was still a good run because it is great to be outside on a beautiful Friday morning and I extended my distance as planned.

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