Sunday, September 28, 2008

Slow Gonzales

Tonight was a 9km run at recovery pace. That means about half a mionute per km slower than your normal training pace.

I was (and am) still sore from Friday's long run, so I figured I would take it easy. I ran even slower than that. I ran anywhere from half a minute per km slower, to 1.5 minutes per km slower than my average. I guess running slower is better than not running at all!

I normally prefer to run Sunday morning rather than motzei shabbos, but with the week shortened because of Rosh Hashana, it made sense to run tonight, and possibly be able to squeeze a Monday morning run in as well. Whereas if I would run Sunday morning, I would have no chance of running Monday morning.

So I ran up Yarqon, down to Road 10. Turned right and ran to the 375 and turned right. I ran on the 375 until the end of the lights (which is not far), then I ran back. I ran back up Road 10, up to RBS, turned right on Yarden and ran up and down to Kishon, turned left and ran back home. That totals 9.39km at an average pace of 7:34/km.