Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the break is over

4 days. Since I began my pre-training training in the second week of August, this is the longest I have gone without running. 4 days. I must be crazy.

I actually planned to go Monday morning, erev Rosh Hashana, but two things stopped me:
  1. Erev Rosh Hashana. I just could not imagine having the time available (though that was not really a good reason)
  2. my knee and ankle were sore, and I felt like taking advantage of Rosh Hashana and giving them an extra day of rest.
By the second day of Rosh Hashana, I was feeling very restless and I was missing the run. That along with the fact that I was going two days of eating big meals with no exercise meant I was losing more than just the not running...

So tonight right after the holiday was over I went out to run. I went to Bet Shemesh to run with the group. We were planning a 12km run in Bet Shemesh, starting with two loops around Narkiss. They were going to be starting out slow, becuase of the holiday slugishness, and then speeding up.

I made the mistake of running fast to keep up with them while they were running slow. SO by the time I was finishing my secon loop, I had already lost them as they had already sped up and I was starting to slow down.

I had no idea where they were or where they went, and I had made the mistake of not asking where they would be going. So I ran myself and made up my own route.

I finished the two loops, ran up Shoshan, up the main road, up Maapilei Egoz, up Rashi, across Migdal Hamayim, and then back. And then I finished up with another loop around Narkiss just to complete the 12km.

The hard part of it was the whole run up to moigdal Hamayim was uphill. The good part is the way back was downhill.

Final numbers for tonight's run: 12.14km at an everage pace of 6:28/km.


tnspr569 said...

Whoa- that's what a 12km run is for you?! You're crazy- and in very good shape!!

And to think that I walked something like that, or maybe a bit more, over the course of that Purim in Israel two years ago...

Rafi G said...

I am not "in very good shape"... getting better, but still far from "very good shape"

frumhouse said...

Good for you! It's hard to get back into an exercise pattern after yom tov.