Monday, October 6, 2008

Speed Workout - noticeable improvement

Tonight was a speed workout. That means we basically ran a 5km race route. The first 2.5km was a very serious uphill, and then back. This was sandwiched between 3.5km runs to warm up, and at the end to cool down. The overall total was 12km.

The speed workout was the main part of the run. We started the 5km from across from the fire station in BS. We ran down to the traffic circle of Ben Zeev, made a left and ran up the whole Ben Zeev until the end (past the Kiryah Haredit), turned on Levi Eshkol to finish another 250m, turned around and ran back down.

We were told that it is a speed workout and we are meant to be pushing ourselves, and "we should be "suffering" as we run up Ben Zeev.

So off we were. It was encouraging because we were about 30 or so runners, so that always gives the run a bit of an extra boost.

So here is what happened. I ran the 2.5km uphill at an average pace of 5:27/km, which for me is an amazing pace. I actually did not realize how far it was going to be. I thought it was the traffic circle by Rashi, for some reason, that we were running to. When I got there and saw we had to go further, I deflated a bit.. Anyway, I felt good.

I think I have an extra benefit of doing a lot of my personal runs in RBS. Running in RBS means you are running some serious hills, no matter where or which way you run. So I by now have a lot of uphill experience. This uphill was not as steep as some of the uphills in RBS that I run, but it was longer. So I ran it pretty strong. I was even passing people. I am still not even close to the fast group, but I was not too far behind them on this run.

the way down was at an average pace of 5 /km.

Overall the whole 12km run was at an average pace of 5:28 /km.

I feel myself improving on each run. We have some interesting and exciting runs coming up, so look forward to some good posts!

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