Friday, October 10, 2008


Today was a tough run.
We ran a bit over 18km, but a number of factors made it very difficult:
  1. I injured my toe over Yom Kippur, and had it bandaged up. I had considered skipping the run because of it, but I decided to do it anyway. I was basically ok, but I seem to have subconsciously compensated by using my other leg more somehow because my other leg is sorer than usual.
  2. post-Yom Kippur (or any fast) runs I am told are always very difficult. Not hydrated enough. Not having eaten enough or the right foods prior to running. etc.
  3. possibly having run 16+km on Wednesday made mo more tired for todays run. I have never run two long runs consecutively, so I am assuming that that had some effect on my performance.
The run was great. At least the first half. We ran 9 km out from the bottom of Aviv out through the Yishi forest. It was really a beautiful run. Through the citrus orchards and right opposite the train tracks that I normally travel on to get to work.

We pulled in our 10km at 55 minutes, but the first half of the run was basically flat with some uphills and downhills, but more downhills. Also, as noticed later, during the first half we had the winds to our backs.

The way back was tough. It seemed like more of the hills were uphill, and the wind resistance was noticeable.

I slowed down and "suffered" the last 4.5 km, but I made it the whole way.

Final numbers were 18.13km at an average pace of 5:46/km. On my watch I separated the laps a bit so I could see the first 10+km I ran at an average pace of 5:28/km and the last 7.8km I ran at 6:09/km..

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