Wednesday, October 18, 2017

17km Kishon

This week's mid-week medium distance run was pretty good. I ran it last night and ran it at an intentionally easy and relaxed pace.

My legs seem to feel their best on the Wednesday medium runs and the Friday long runs. Saturday night and Monday night runs seem to be the most difficult for me. I took it easy to make sure my legs would feel good for this Friday's long run which is scheduled for 34km.

I must say I have taken a strong liking for this route on Kishon that gives me 4+km per cycle. Last night I ran 4 cycles of it and ended with 17km. Lots of runners and walkers out in great weather. I still have to decide whether to join the group on Friday's long run, which is scheduled to be a destination run to Rehovot, or to run a local 34km - starting the run in RBS to Rehovot generally gives me a 38km route, so I have to decide whether to run it with the extra distance or stay local..

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Recovery and "Speed"

Missed my recaps so I'll just mention my last two runs briefly..

Saturday night after returning from Jerusalem I ran a 14km recovery run around RBS.

Monday afternoon I had a small break in the day and did my speed workout then, running 11km. The tempo run was broken up as 4 cycles of 2000m at 10km race pace, with 4 minutes in between of easy jogging. I must say this was difficult and my legs felt sore and tired. I ran as fast as I could when I was supposed to, but it wasn't fast at all.

Friday, October 13, 2017

22 that is 57

Fridays long run is scheduled for 22km through the Roglit vineyards. The group is actually running 31km because they are assuming many members likely missed some of the runs during the holiday due to schedule conflicts. I kept to the schedule so decided to run the scheduled 22km. However, due to some crazy scheduling I decided to run my 22km at 01:00 (1am) instead of at a more normal hour - the scheduling including a late night trip to Tel Aviv, an early morning Cubs playoff game and an early morning trip to the Kotel for a cousin's tefillin-donning ceremony.

I kept it simple because of the late hour and the dark. I just ran a bunch of cycles around Kishon, including a slight extension past Ayalon on the way back and down Hayarden on the way out.

22km is in the book, with a holiday week of running closing out at 57km.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017


tomorrow's medium run is scheduled for 16km. I did not even wait to see what the group has scheduled for this - I had an opportunity to run it tonight so I took it. Tomorrow's schedule will be difficult. I plan to stay up late tonight (Cubs playoff game followed by some Hoshana Rabba learning), so I have no idea if I would be able to run it tomorrow or not.

My 16km involved a couple of cycles across Kishon, up through RBS C and through the streets there, down the other entrance and back up to RBS A via Tzeelim, then up Hayarqon-Hayarden-Dolev and back.

Good run, good air, streets were busy but only a few runners/walkers...

Monday, October 9, 2017

11km workout

11km speed workout today employing 15 cycles of 150meter strides, tempered by 600meter regular running in between each.

I just finished it. While I did not count the cycles, I did a very good job of estimating the distances and checking my gps tracker and alternating speeds at the right time. I dont know what speeds I ran, but that isn't the point - I ran my 150s at full speed, and a relaxed speed at the 600s.

As a light rain is expected this morning, the morning air was very humid - much worse than it has been the past few weeks...

Saturday, October 7, 2017

8km recovery

The weeks starts with a recovery run to the tune of 8km after Friday's crazy 33km run.

The run is in the books and I felt better than expected. No real pain and only some slight soreness. EVerything felt good. From what I see on the schedule, this is a down week with less mileage, so it should be relatively easy

Friday, October 6, 2017


today was tough. I really wanted to run with the group - 32km to Jerusalem - but I knew I am not yet ready for that. It is really a fabulous and fun run. But, besides for much of it being on a trail in the dark, and I once before twisted my ankle on this run, I am also way too slow right now, and I would be running 32km in the dark all by myself, on a route that I might also make a wrong turn on and not have enough water at the water stops (it has happened before) I decided to run local instead.

I planned to run a few cycles of Kishon, up to Dolev with a few cycles of Dolev and then out on the Highways 10 and 375 to finish the distance I needed.

For water on these local long runs, I put out a couple of small bottles near my house, which I pass on my Kishon sections. Then when I go up and out, I carry them with me and drop them where I want to for the way back and for other cycles.

Today, as I was running Kishon I decided to just keep doing that. Why bother dealing with figuring out distances and where to put water - just keep running cycles of Kishon. It gives good distance, and I could mix it up a bit by running on opposite sides of streets on different cycles, and I had water at a perfect spot. So I did that. I ran 9 cycles of Kishon, giving my about 28km, and then decided to go up and finish with a run up Hayarqon, Hayarden Dolev and back, finishing at 32.5km.

It was tough, and slow, but I made it all the way through pretty well.

The one problem was my Runkeeper got messed up. Right after I started my run I had to stop for something and Runkeeper auto-paused, as it is supposed to. Unfortunately it did no restart, and I only noticed it about 1+km in when I checked to see why it was not alerting me. Still a bit later, in the range of about 2.5km in, it still had not alerted me so I checked it again and saw that it had not advanced at all. So, I turned it off and switched to Endomondo which did a good job. So, my run concluded on the clock at 30.5, but adding about 2.5km to that gives me 33km or so for the run. All the stats are worthless because of the lost 2.5km and for whatever reason (I have to check the settings) Endomondo did not auto-pause when I stopped for water or pee breaks.

added: I forgot to include the calculation of the week's total mileage. I ran about 71km in total last week. insane

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

16 Wednesday

I decided not to run with the group today because they were starting later than I wanted to. So I ran a local 16km through the streets of RBS... I got up early and went out at 5am for 16km. 3 times across Kishon, up Hayarqon, Hayarden, to Dolev, and then back, with a slight detour behind the new DOna buildings at Haraden Hayarqon..

a bit slower than expected but a good run. Probably better for a slow run today so I'll be strong enough for a long run on Friday

Monday, October 2, 2017


Tonight was a speed workout but the big boys weren't there so the group that showed up just wanted to do a regular run. I tried to run with some seed at times but it just did not work as my legs were sore form yesterday's run, and tonight's route had some hills in it, so it was basically a regular run.

For some reason my Endomondo Activity Assistant stopped working so I have to transfer my details from Runkeeper to Endomondo even more manually than before. What a pain.

Anyways, 10.35km in just over an hour... not bad

Sunday, October 1, 2017


this morning's run was 12km. I had no idea how I would feel running the morning after the Yom Kippur fast, but everything was clickign and I felt great. I ran mostly hard and my speed was faster than my norm. I ran twice across Kishon and then up Hayarqon and Hayarden to Dolev and back home. Felt great all the way through.

The early mornings are starting to get really chilly. I like it.