Thursday, December 21, 2017

off road

I have finally been diagnosed, after taking an ultrasound, with a hernia.

Methods of treatment, i.e. I guess that means surgery, are being explored with the doctors. Hopefully it won't be too long before I am back out on the road.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

13km speed

This week's speed workout was scheduled for a 13km run. Being that the group no longer seems to meet for these speed workouts, I did mine this morning, though there was nothing speedy about it. Weather was wonderful and I had a good 13km run.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

back to running

after two weeks off, my groin muscle felt almost completely better. I only felt it when stretching my leg at a certain angle, and even then, only slightly. After two weeks off I felt it was time for a run. Life is really different without running. I was hungrier, I ate more junk, I was more tired and earlier in the evenings, and I felt sedentary. The time to run had come.

Unfortunately as soon as I started running I felt it again. Oh well, I think I am just going to keep running and push through it, at least until I cannot.

Anyways, the schedule called for an 11km run tonight. It was as bad as a typical Saturday night run with pit stops and general discomfort, but I got my slow 11km in and I am happy to be back on the road

Friday, November 10, 2017

no run

I did not run today.

I have noticed a certain pain over the past week. I decided it is a groin muscle pull. As fun as that sounds, the pain is not so much fun, though it isnt horrible, and I am able to run with it. I was considering finishing the week, especially because the Friday long run was scheduled for just 24km, and then maybe rest it next week.

Last night we went out late to my son's remote army outpost to visit him and bring him some food. We got home very late and I was very tired. I had a hard time getting up this morning early enough to run. I decided I would begin my groin pull rest today already. I could easily find time at some point today to get my run in, but I think anyway it is smart to rest the groin muscle and take advantage of a tired day..

I would add that "grin muscle pull" is all by self-diagnosis, so I dont really know if that is what it is or not. It was either that or a brain tumor based on the google results :-)

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


This morning's 18km run went smooth. The weather was really great. Probably perfect. The temps have warmed up just a bit and the early morning was not as chilly as it has been.

I ran across Kishon for one cycle, then up Hayarqon, Hayarden, Dolev, down to Roads 10 and 375 for a bit, and then back with another cycle on Hayarden and concluding with a partial cycle on Kishon.

Monday, November 6, 2017

speedless workout

I wanted to do my run tonight because I needed to get out, but I was tired and had a headache. I hadn't eaten or even had a drink all day. The noisy kids tipped the scale and at dinnertime I decided to just go out and do it.

The speed workout was scheduled to be a tempo run, totaling 14km. I was not really in the mood to track that and figure out speeds and times, so i just went for a 14km run.

The going was tough but after a few kilometers it got better, though not faster. I still seem to be getting slower and slower with each run...

Sunday, November 5, 2017

14km recovery

last night I just wasn't feeling great. Between my sore legs and just overall discomfort, I decided there was no chance going out for a run would see any success. I kind of felt bad because after the time change it is such a long Moztei Shabbos night that it felt like a waste to not use some of it for the recovery run. But I just couldn't.

I went out for an early morning run today instead. 14km slow kilometers later I had my recovery run in. The first couple of km were difficult and then my body sort of eased into the rhythm of the run and things got better, though not faster...

Friday, November 3, 2017

36 makes 82

Training Week #9 concluded with a 36km run this morning, bringing my week's total kilometers of running to 82km.

The run was local. The group was doing 2 Bet Shemesh loops but I did not want to do that. At 3:30am I headed out and ran out to Tzomet HaElah junction and back. On the way back in I ran through the new MIshkafayim neighborhood before heading up the hill. At the top I detoured on Hayarden for a couple of kilometers, then headed down to Kishon to finish 36 with 2 cycles on Kishon.

It was a bit tough this morning, but I took it easy and all was good. It is really getting chilly before the sun comes up. Soon I might need to start wearing long sleeves on these early morning runs..

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Wednesday was supposed to be a medium run of 18km distance. I was too tired to run it Tuesday night, and Wednesday morning I had to go early to Tel Aviv. I was trying to figure out when to run it when an opportunity came mid-day on Wednesday. It was really nice. Sunny but not too hot. It has been a while since I got a mid-day run in and I still love running in the sun, even though the cooler darker hours are better for it.

18km was comprised of a few cycles of Kishon, and then up to Hayarden Dolev, back down and out on Highway 10 to the end and back home. I ended with 18.25km.

Monday, October 30, 2017


with no group run tonight, I decided to adjust the speed workout tonight. Scheduled was 14km of fartleks, but without a watch and without other people, it is just too much work to keep the times and speeds straight. So I just did estimated intervals.

I basically ran a 1km warmup, then alternated between about 800 meters at a "fast" pace with a few minutes of light jogging. Everything felt great and the run was uneventful.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

14km recovery

tonight's 14km run was good, albeit slow. Much better than Friday's failed 8km run. It was a recovery run even though I was not recovering from anything. I seem to be getting slower and slower as the training season progresses.

It was a nice night out to run, though it is getting noticeably cooler and was even cold at certain points.

Friday, October 27, 2017

gotta know when to fold em

You've got to know when to hold 'em Know when to fold 'em
Know when to walk away And know when to run

Today was not a day for knowing when to run, but to walk away and fold em.

It started off with getting a later start than expected but then continued with what I discovered to bee xtremely low energy. I just couldn't get far without breaks. I just was not feeling this run. My 30 minute mark was at my lwest distance that I can remember, and my 8km mark was at the slowest time I can remember. I knew this was pointless and just gave up. It is a pullback week anyway. Next week I will get back to  routine

Thursday, October 26, 2017

missed run

for the first time since training began, I missed a run.

I missed my Wednesday morning medium distance run that was scheduled for 18km.

I had a crazy 2 days of work that required me to be working almost the entire Tuesday night and after just a couple hours of sleep had to be up to continue. I did not have time to run, and I was too tired even if I could find the time.

By Wednesday night, I was too tired to run even though I could have made the time.

Thursday morning I could have run but by then I figured it was just too close to Friday's run.

It happens. Have to be flexible

Monday, October 23, 2017

hill repeat workout

I ran 11.25km of hill repeats tonight. Killer workout. very slow. legs still a bit sore from Friday

Sunday, October 22, 2017

9km recovery

This week is a pullback week with lower mileage.

Last night's recovery run was run this morning. My legs were still too sore last night after Shabbos to be able to run it. So this morning I ran the 9km recovery run. It was truly a recovery run at a super slow pace. I was fortunate to be able to move at all, considering the soreness, and specifically considering some tightness in one of my knees.

The run was uneventful, but at the beginning it was really tough, and I thought I might have to be satisfied with a 4km recovery. After 2km or so I realized everything had loosened up and I was moving ok, albeit very slowly but without pain and soreness, so i ran the entire 9.