Sunday, January 22, 2017

lousy recovery

I had a lousy recovery run this morning. Even for recovery runs, which are meant to be bad runs, this was bad.
It was colder than I expected, which isn't really a big deal... What was bad was that I just couldnt move. I felt like I was slogging through deep mud. My legs just wouldn't do what I wanted them to do.

I cut it short at 4km, as I felt like I was wasting my time.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

a beautiful day

lost track of time yesterday and dint get tow rite. I woke up early but was too tired to run. Had a late night and a late night workout, so it just didnt work out. I did however calculate that I should be able to do a daytime run instead..

I got out at about 10am and the weather was beautiful. I ran 15km - across Kishon and then out to the satellites and back. Really awesome and enjoyable.

The ne glitch was I was relying on Endomondo on my smartphone, as I knew my watch wouldnt make it that far. I heard the 8km marker and kept going for a bit. I stopped at some point to take a picture and there was a message on my phone that Endomondo had unexpectedly closed. So I restarted it and kept running. When completed I checked the history and it had stopped at 8.6, but I dont know how much I ran after that before restarting it, but either way it wouldnt have been off by too much. The two runs together totaled 15km, but maybe it was just slightly more.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

a win

Today was a win. And I can say that even before I think about how much I did or did not run.

Today was a win because I got up early to run, and then decided I was too tired, so went back to bed. But then after 2 minutes I forced myself out again and got dressed to run.

So that was a win.

I've been wanting to check out the new bridge connecting RBS A and RBS C, so this would present a good opportunity. I started out my run across Kishon, as usual, and then instead of running up Hayarkon, I turned up the bridge and ran up to Gimmel (RBS C). Near the top of the bridge I turned in at the traffic circle and ran up the very steep Yona Ben Amitai, over to Yechezkel, Neriah Hanavi and then down the hill to Tzeelim and back up to RBS A.

Because I knew I'd be running in some desolate areas that have recently become known for having stray and wild dogs roaming those areas and even attacking people, I picked up a couple of fist sized stones as I entered the bridge and carried them throughout the run until I got back to near my home.

Total run was 9.4km and it was a very pleasant and enjoyable route, if not a bit too much uphill.

Monday, January 16, 2017

freakin cold

man, that was freakin cold!

I can deal with soreness, but I don't like running with pain, if I don't need to. So, I went out planning a short run for today, just to see how things would be.

My issue is that I just started a new workout routine in the evenings (Insanity). Being very sore left me not knowing if I would be able to run at all. But at least I had no pain in my knees.

So I ran 4.5km and it was tough. I kind of shuffled and hobbled it, but I see that it was not so bad. Part of that was also stiff limbs from the extreme cold.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


I went out to run, despite soreness and knees that did not feel great. But that's all I did. Went out to run. I did not actually run.

At first I figured I would go out annd stretch and everything would be ok. Then I changed my mind. As I was walking down the street to my stretching spot, every step made my knees hurt. I decided it was smarter to call it off. Also the air was wet and misty with a light drizzle of rain, and the road was already slick from some rain last night.While that wouldn't normally bother me, a slick road is not good for the knees and I figured it is smarter to wait for another day.

Friday, January 13, 2017

nothing fancy

10km in about a hour. my watch flipped out in the middle so I dont know exactly the exact distance and time, but it was a 10km route and it was about a hour, probably a tiny bit over.

felt great. regular route - across Kishon and out on the 10 to the 375 and back. nothing fancy, just still getting back into it after a break of a few weeks.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

back on the road

yay for me!

After 30 consecutive days of running, I got off track and have now gone about 3 weeks with no running at all. In that time period, I found great excuses in the bad weather, some personal business, including a family simcha, that caused me to have a number of late nights making early morning running difficult, and some other nonsensical excuses to not run.

But today I finally got myself out and back on the road.

Today's run was a regular run, on a regular route. I just wanted to get back out there and se ehow I feel and how much I could do.

So, today's run was first across Kishon, then up Hayarqon and across a portion of Hayarden, and then back. For a total of a bit over 7km.

Friday, December 16, 2016


that's it. I am done. My project is finished.
Day 30 is in the books with a 10km run. Tzvi is a prophet and I now need to get the lottery numbers from him... I will not be running tomorrow night.

I went out undecided how far to run. On the one hand I had plenty of time for a nice long run of 14 or 16km. On the other hand, I consciously intended to run less this week. I was torn the entire way. I did a quick calculation estimate in my head while out there running and estimated that if I would run just 12km I would hit 60km for the week. Simple enough. But did I want to? I kept wavering between 7 and 12. On the one hand, why wake up so early to run just 7km. On the other hand, I wanted to run less and not push for more..

The entire time I wavered and in the end settled on a 10km run, giving me about 58.6km for the week.

I have no idea what my running schedule will be like next week.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

good run

day 29, 7km

I didnt think I'd make it through this week running daily, but it is within reach.

At some point I decided to try to hit 30 days consecutive just to make Tzvi seem prophetic.. :-)

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

moist 10km

day 28, 10km

I went out just hoping to get 7km in before the rain. It was not raining at the time, but had rained through the night and the rain was set to restart soon. Wet, slick, ground. puddles. mud... I figured I'd be happy with 7km.

I started my run and everything was great. Good temperature, good air, fresh. But wet.

As I am approaching 4.5km and was set to turn so I'd finish at 7, I decided I was so enjoying the run that I'd just continue out and try for 10.

At times there was a light rain and some mistiness, but overall it was just great.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

the storm is coming but I got day 27 in before it arrived...

After 3 days of 7s, I decided to go for a more significant run today. I ran 10+km.

I could see lightning flashes in the distance, but the storm wasn't here yet, so I felt comfortable taking advantage. The weather was actually very pleasant and it was a nice run.

Monday, December 12, 2016

day 26. 7km.

nothing exciting to talk about.

I think I would have done 10km today had I not been pressed for time. oh well.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

exploring 7

Day 25, 7km

I was determined to keep today's run shorter... and I did by a bit.

After last night's expedition into a construction road, I decided today I would run the road from the other side and see why the two paths don't meet up, or how far and difficult it is from one to the other. I figured morning daylight would be better for that than the dark of night.

After running across Kishon, I ran down Tzeelim. The entrance to the construction road is at a turn off from the large traffic circle at the junction with Nahal Chever. I ran up the path - from there it is an uphill run - to the top. The paved road comes to an end just under Nahal Kishon just past the caravan that functions as a sales office for a housing project. From this path one can see the intricate web of paths to the various construction projects happening down there. At the point where the path ends, one can see the end of the other path from last night very close by. But it is much lower down and they do not connect. I could have gone down a steep mount of dirt and rubble and continued on the other path, but I chose to run back down the way I came instead. There was no way to see this path in the dark last night from down below. I am not sure if it is visible even in the light, because of the angles, but definitely not in the dark...

Saturday, December 10, 2016

exploring too much mileage

7.6km on day 25.

I planned, and still plan, on running less mileage this week, even if I find a way to continue running daily. 7.6km for tonight was a mistake.

After running acorss Kishon, I was going to run up Hayarqon and then run back home, to get about 6.5km. At the new traffic circle I needed a pit stop so I turned off on the road down to the valley. I thought the road goes all the way through to tzeelim, as there is also a road on the other side. It turned int a bit of an exploration, as the road does not go through, at least I couldn't find it in the dark on the dirt paths the road turned into. So at some point I decided to retrace my steps and go back. Running up and back then gave me far more than I had originally planned.

Friday, December 9, 2016

too much mileage

day 24. 16km.

no runner ever really knows how any given run is going to turn out. All you can really do is give yourself the best chances to do well. Train, keep to a regimen, eat healthy, sleep well, and whatever else it takes, so when you go out you have the best chance to run as well as you might expect. When you run every single day, you really have no idea. Every single day is different. One day you have more strength and one day less. One day you feel fatigued and the next day you feel great.

Today I expected to feel great but my legs really felt tired for a large part of the run.

I ran basically a combination of a few of my regular routes. I ran across Kishon, up and around to Hayarden-Dolev, a circle around Dolev, then down and out on Road 10 (3855), then up 375 for a bit of an extension and then out a short way in the direction of Tzomtet Etziyona for another extension, then back home.

This makes 72.6km for the week. Insane. I am pretty sure next week will be lower mileage.