Friday, August 18, 2017

Jerusalem trails

Had an awesome run this morning. I found myself staying overnight in Jerusalem, in the Rechavia neighborhood. I woke up early enough and decided to go for a run while everyone else was still sleeping. I had not planned a route and only sort of know my way around, so I just went out and tried to stay more or less cognizant of where I would be at each stage relative to where we are staying.

There is a bike trail pretty close to the house that goes down to Gan Saccher, among other places, so I started off in that direction and ran through Gan Saccher. That took me up around the Rose Gardens, which I ran through, and then I ran out and up Cinema City to Agrippas. Cutting through Mahane Yehuda early in the morning was cool as the bastas were getting ready to open and people were just starting their shopping for Shabbos.

From Mahane Yehuda I ran down Jaffa Road down to Jaffa Gate of the Old City and then out through Mamilla Mall. Up the road past the US Consulate and then past the Prime Minister's Residence, taking me down Azza Road back to Rechavia, back up the bike trail and back home.

Beautiful route, cool morning Jerusalem air, nice refreshing sun, and 11km through the roads and trails of Jerusalem.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

got to know when to fold em

I was not planing on running today. I knew I needed a day off fro it. But I woke up early, so I figured I might as well..

It was as bad as I thought it might be if I would, so I really should not have. I felt like I could not move. My legs were like lead weights. And the bad humidity had nothing to do with it.

I bailed after 4km and decided it was pointless. The only good thing is I was going to bail after 3 and decided to extend it to 4 before bailing

Monday, August 14, 2017

12 hours later..

10.5km on an early Monday morning.. temps were good, humidity was not a problem. overall a beautiful morning for a nice run..

I ran a bit slower than I had expected, but I guess running just 12 hours after a previous 10km run that might make some sense...

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Friday Sunday

On Friday I woke up early to run but was too tired after a late night (cousin's wedding, good excuse)... After waking up again a bit later, it was too hot for a long run, but I went out for a decent run anyway. I got in 11.5km, and had an enjoyable morning.

Saturday night I had to go to Jerusalem so I did not get to run.

Sunday morning I did not get to run either, but late Sunday afternoon I found some time and went out for a 10km run and it was glorious! It was hot but not horrible, it was sunny but not overbearing. There were people out but the sidealks were not crowded. All in all a good run at a relatively slow pace.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

running schedule messed up

I just got my first run in for the week, at 9km. This week is tough due to our lives being in a flux with some renovations messing up our schedules and living arrangements. Hopefully moving forward things will settle down and I'll be able to run on a somewhat regular schedule throughout and then back to regular when it is complete.

Friday, August 4, 2017

long run 22+

this morning I ran a little more than 22.5km. It was really a great run until nearly the end.

I started my run running across Kishon for 3.3km. After debating whether to run the "Lamed Hei Loop" from the 38 to the 375 or from the 375 to the 38, I decided to start via the 10 and 375, which would make me run the Zachariya hill and the Tzeelim hill back into RBS.

The Zachariya hill, as always, is tough, but I managed it ok. The Tzeelim hill really killed me. It was already pretty hot by then, and that 3km climb, from kilometer 18 through 21 was really tough. I had to stop a couple times on the climb, but eventually I finished it and finished my run ok. My speed was similar to my other runs this week until the Tzeelim Hill and that really did me in.

Maybe next week I'll run it the other way. The benefit is avoiding the two steep and long climbs. The detriment is that it is a lot of slight uphill for much of the way.

Anyways, I am happy I got the long run in

Thursday, August 3, 2017

5km worth of fresh air and bright sun

had some work cancellations so after getting some work done I decided to go out for a short run. Boy is it hot out there! Good thing I did not have a lot of time available so I wouldn't be tempted into a longer run!

I got in 5.3km at another good pace. Got some sun and fresh air, so all is good!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

faster 9km

this morning I had a very enjoyable 9km run through RBS. It just felt great.

I didn't feel the run as a particularly fast one, but today, along with Monday's run but even more, so, my final speed suddenly took a big jump and got much closer to what it was before my recent 3+ week break from running due to hip pain.

Monday, July 31, 2017


nice weather this morning for a run. I got in a 10km run. the sun was pleasant, the temperatures were reasonable and the humidity was decent.

Tomorrow will obviously be a day off of running for Tisha bAv... I did not feel a strong need to run today, but I figured with no running tomorrow, today would be a good opportunity.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

9km x 2

I have two runs to log here. After Shabbos I went out for a slow recovery run. I ran a bit over 9km, sweaty and slow.

Nothing exciting to report. I always like to see the masses of people out running and walking on Saturday nights.

This morning I woke up early and decided to go out for another run. I got in another 9km. The temperature was really nice and the humidity was not as bad a sit has been recently, so it was a pretty pleasant run.

Friday, July 28, 2017

long run Friday

I ran about 20.5km this morning. I was drenched very quickly form the humidity, but it was good run.

unfortunately my phone flipped out at the end of my run and I dont know why.. maybe from the humidity or maybe from my sweat.. I wasn't able to get the exact details of my run because of it... and I couldnt transfer the info from Runkeeper to Endomondo

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

mid-week 10

Almost did not even go out. I woke up and just felt tired, too tired to go run. I was going to go back to bed, but by the time I finished waking up and taking care of my needs, I did not really want to go back to bed and decided I was just being lazy, so I went out to run.

Changed my route a bit - ran across Kishon and then out on the 10 (Road 3855) to 375 and back. My old route.

Monday, July 24, 2017

running 9

I dont really need to write anything here about this morning's run.. I really just write here so my friend Tzvi will know I ran, and today he saw me out running. He ran right by me as I was chugging along..

Just joking. A few other people read what I write here, so it is not just for Tzvi, but yes, Tzvi did run right past me on my morning run.

I got in 9km this morning in decent temperatures at a nice average pace. My legs still feel heavy and tired, but I do feel stronger. and that i am running better. Tomorrow will not be a running day, so I am looking forward to Wednesday...

Sunday, July 23, 2017

family matters trump running

family matters trumped running last night, though I did get a run in. It was cut short by family matters, but it was already longer than expected.

I went out to run despite having heard of the news of a terrorist attack on Shabbos and I really was just not feeling it and wanting to run. Some other matters also distracted me, and I just wasn't enjoying it. I was going to stop at 3km and call it quits, but decided to at least hit 5. Then I was caught up in a podcast I was enjoying and thought that would just carry me through to a normal distance.

Then I got the call and had to cut it short. Not the end of the world. I ended at 5km, and hadn't really wanted to run it anyway.

This morning, after a late night and after late night food, I went out for another run. I made it to 9km this morning and all is good, even though my speed is still very slow.

I just dont get how 3 weeks of no running can set me back so far. I was finally hovering at speeds averaging at just around 6 minutes per kilometer, and now I am back down to 6:30 or even slower again.

Friday, July 21, 2017

lotsa laundry

I always like to see a lot of running clothes in my laundry, even often a majority of my laundry pile being running shirts and socks, because it reminds me that I am getting the exercise I need. I am clearly getting back to that stage with a good portion of this weeks clean laundry pile being my running junk.

Today was slated for a long run, but I did not want to go right back to the 20-22km I was running before my break. I decided I would run 13-15km this week, and then next week hopefully closer to 20.

I got out at a decent time, and it wasn't too hot yet but it was already very humid. I got drenched pretty quickly.

My pace was pretty slow, as it has been all week, but I kept chugging along. I really felt like 11-12 would be my maximum, but at some point I decided that i just have to keep going. I had some extra calories to burn off after a late Thursday night siyum with too much eating too late at night.

I ran across Kishon and then up Hayarqon and over Hayarden to Dolev. Then I did a loop around Dolev. At some point I decided I did nto really want to go down to the 375 and back, so instead I ran a few loops around Dolev and then back home with some additional extension on kishon. I ended up with a bit over 15km, though the last 2 km or so werent all that great quality.