Friday, October 13, 2017

22 that is 57

Fridays long run is scheduled for 22km through the Roglit vineyards. The group is actually running 31km because they are assuming many members likely missed some of the runs during the holiday due to schedule conflicts. I kept to the schedule so decided to run the scheduled 22km. However, due to some crazy scheduling I decided to run my 22km at 01:00 (1am) instead of at a more normal hour - the scheduling including a late night trip to Tel Aviv, an early morning Cubs playoff game and an early morning trip to the Kotel for a cousin's tefillin-donning ceremony.

I kept it simple because of the late hour and the dark. I just ran a bunch of cycles around Kishon, including a slight extension past Ayalon on the way back and down Hayarden on the way out.

22km is in the book, with a holiday week of running closing out at 57km.


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