Tuesday, October 21, 2008

post holiday recovery pace

I missed the Saturday night and Monday runs due to the holiday, scheduling, remaining soreness from the Jerusalem run and random technical problems. That, along with a busy Simchas Torah holiday with a lot of candy in shul and food at home, made for an ideal "recovery pace" run tonight, even though the run was really scheduled to be a medium-long run at 14km.

I ran with David at recovery pace - we were going to shoot for about 10 or 12 kilometers at an easy pace. Unfortunately he had to cut out early - he was not feeling well. So we cut the distance short and turned around. When he cut out, I decided instead of running home and finishing early at about 7km, I decided to extend it a bit.

We had run down to Road 10 and turned left. So when we ran back, I turned right at Nehar Ha'Yarden and ran around RBS on my own. I saw some other runners running their post-holiday runs individually as well, and that is always nice. It makes you feel like you are not the only crazy person out there.

I ran an easy pace and completed the run at 9.31km with ana verage pace of 6:21/km. This was my first run since jerusalem, and I was feelign heavy and sluggish from the holiday, so that was agood pace. Hopefully it gets me back into it for this coming Fridays long run. It is a toned back long run scheduled at 16km for us novice runners.

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