Monday, October 27, 2008

fartlek rained out

Tonight was supposed to be a fartlek in RBS. That means after a 2m warmup run around Dolev, we go into a "speedplay" mode, running at alternating speeds, according to a specific schedule.

Too bad it rained right before our run. The road was wet and slippery, and it was deemed too dangerous for the fartlek.

Not to worry! That did not mean we could call it a night early and simply go home.

The plan for the evening was changed to a run around RBS. We ran from Dolev- Dolev down to the corner of Yarqon-Yarden. Down to Road 10, made a right and ran to the end (the junction of Highway 375). Turned, ran back, up to RBS, down across Kishon, back up the killer hill to Dolev - Dolev to conclude the run. That made the run, including the warm-up, a run of 11km.

I did the whole 11km at an average pace of 5:38/km, but the first 2km was the warm-up run and that was run at a slower pace. Overall, not including the first 2km, I ran the subsequent 9km at a pace of around 5:25 or so...

We concluded with a series of stretching and exercises on the wet ground, and went home..

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