Sunday, October 5, 2008

taking it easy

First of all I have to apologize. In my post about Friday's long run, I neglected to describe how beautiful the area was. It has already faded by now, so I will not try, but it was really a stunning view, and even running right by the cow sheds and the chicken coops did not mess up the beauty of the countryside. I simply forgot to write about it because of the milestone I had hit.

Now, on to tonight's run. The Saturday night runs seem to be the toughest. I am generally still sore from Friday's long run. As well, my knee and ankle are generally still sore. So it is a good thing that Saturday nights run is dubbed a recovery pace run, meaning we run slower. So I took it easy tonight and ran slower..

Tonight was recovery pace with some bursts of speed at various points.

Running Saturday night is also interesting because you see people around, and the neighborhood is not dead like during the 4:30am runs... Tonight there were groups of guys out at various places hanging around hocking. There were couples out walking.

Anyway, I ran tonight 10.11km at an average pace of 6.38/km

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