Monday, October 13, 2008

Derech Burma, or the Burma Road

The Burma Road was a makeshift road built in 1948 during the siege on Jerusalem to be used as an alternate route to get to Jerusalem, as the main road was blocked.

The Burma Road is a historic site, and we ran it today. At least, part of it.

We made up that we would run out and then turn back at about 35 minutes. The trail is a difficult run with a lot of uphills and downhills, very minimal flat areas, and some of the uphills are extremely steep.

I ran with my running buddy David, and Ezra who sometimes runs ran with us as well. A few other novice runners were running a bit behind us. The advanced guys were way ahead.

We ran out and at 35 minutes we hit 6km and turned around. The whole route was meant to be 7 or 7.5km which would have ended in a spectacular view, but we did not make it that far. The advanced guys did.

We ran back and finished the route. The uphills were tough. I enjoyed the run. My injured toe is still injured and wa sa bit of a hindrance, but I could already tell the difference between todays run and last Fridays run and it has clearly improved a lot, as I ran much better. I kind of felt the 12km was not enough, and I could have gone further, but the uphills made it a good workout, with a beautiful view and terrain. Hopefully I will be ready for Fridays big run...

Numbers for today were 12km at an average pace of 6:16km.

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