Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One hour and 17 minutes!

That's how long it took me to run 11.45 kilometers tonight.

I set out planning to run a bit more than 10k, but was hoping I would be able to stretch it out to beyond 11km, and possibly up to 12. I was hoping to break my previous, unrecorded, record of 11km, but was not planning on it.

It was muggy, with the occassional cool breeze. Let me tell you that even if you cannot tell the difference normally, when you are running a lot you can. The morning air is so much better for running! At night it is still humid and muggy, along with sucking in the fumes from the cars and buses that drive by. In the morning, the air is clean and cool and a pleasure to run (as pleasurable as running can be I guess).

I did the RBS 10km route - down Tze'elim to the Highway 38. Back up Tze'elim. Left on Kishon all the way to the end. Right up Yarden. All the way to the end. Right on Yarqon. Back to the starting point was 10.2km. I continued running farther and turned around. Arrived home at conclusion of run pulling in at 1:17hr, 11.45km. So I was pretty satisfied with my run.

According to my nifty gps watch, my average pace for the total run was 6:45/km (that is 6:45minutes for each km on average. While running I noticed it mostly around 5:4 or so, until the steep uphills - then it went into the 7s and on the really steep one (Yarden up to Dolev), even well into the 8s.

Friday is a group run. I think we will be doing something like 13 or 14km, so I think I am now ready for it!

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