Thursday, September 11, 2008


Why do I use the title Rabbi in the name of the blog?

Yet another good question. I don't use it anywhere else, so why here?

The answer is so simple, it is funny. The first day I went out running, the thought came to me, during the run, to sart a blog to keep track of my progress.

So while I am running, I am thinking what I would like to write in it, the content, the style, etc. Then I start thinking of names. I come up with 4 or 5 very basic names - nothing special. Things like "Marathon Training" and Running a Marathon".

Sure enough, I get home and start the new blog, and when registering the name I had chosen, I found out they were all taken (even though none of them had been actually blogging anything new in a few years). I did nt have energy to star thinking of a new name, and the thought struck me that Rabbis running a marathon always piques peoples interest, so I just tacked on the Rabbo to the beginning of the title, and walla! I had my blog title.

The only problem is that having the word "Rabbi" in the title kind of obligates me to was rabbinic every now and then. So pardon any future mussar shmuesses or hashkafic thoughts gleaned from running...

Kol tuv!

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Neil Harris said...

Bring on the mussar!!!