Sunday, September 14, 2008

Recovery Mode

Week 3 of Marathon Training has begun!

Recovery mode is what this morning's run was called, and the barometer for the type of pace we were meant to be running.

10k at recovery mode. Recovery mode means something like 30 seconds slower than whatever your regular training pace is. According the email sent out last night, it is meant to "facilitate bloodflow to the muscles and repair microscopic soft-tissue damage that the muscles sustained during Friday's long run", whatever that means.

Looking at my stats, I was right there. On Fridays long run, I ran an average pace of 6:16/km and this morning I ran 10k at an average pace of 6:59/km.

the truth is that most of my pace was more in line with the 6:16/km, but the 10km route I run has two very serious uphills, one of them extremely steep. Those uphills really kill the average pace. But according to the numbers, even if it was not intentional, I ran recovery mode.

Anyways, I was still sore from Friday's long run, I do not know if I could have run any faster than I did....

Next week is slichos, I will probably have to do my running at night instead of mornings. And I can only imagine but I will probably have a hard time waking up for slichos, because it is something I do not enjoy doing. I will have no excuse considering the ease with which I wake up to run... I could always say slichos at night and run in the morning...

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