Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A few random thoughts after last nights run...

First of all I apologize for the many typos in the my post-run post. I was really dead, and just did not notice them

Because I was so dead, I also forgot to include a few random thoughts and observations... so here goes now:
  1. The experienced runners were "complaining" how much harder the run was because of humidity. They were talking about the whole summer having been much more humid and hot than usual, thus creating a much more difficult environment for running. Me not knowing any better felt good about that. if I could run in this heat, in which even the professional runners consider it difficult, when it starts cooling down it will get much easier!
  2. Group running is very different than individual running. It is kind of like the difference between learning in a shiur or with a chavrusa versus learning on your own. To do it on your own, to do it well and consistently, you have to really be motivated and energetic. When you do it in a group, you are motivated and pushed by those doing it with you.
  3. Don't eat dinner right before a run!
  4. Aside from the 67% (or so) increase in my running last night over my previous sessions, I realized that was only the actual distance increase. In addition, I ran much more of the time than I had done previously, and at a faster pace (at least for part of the time). So, while I cannot measure how much, I did increas my performance much more than by the 67% I previously wrote!

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