Thursday, September 25, 2008

Speedy Gonzales

Today was a medium/long 12km run for us novice runners. The morning did not work out for me. I woke up early, but was way too tired to run after yesterdays softball game. So I ran tonight, late, after learning.

12km. I ran up Yarqon, down towards the Kvish 10. Turned left, and figured I would run until I hit 6km and then turn around and run back.

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention we were also supposed to run 3km of the 12 at half marathon pace. I do not know what that is, but it is faster than just regular running.

So I turned left on 10, and sped up. I ran 3km from there at 1 minutes per km faster than my average. I ran that 3.15km at an average pace of 5:15/km. I did not think I would be able to keep it up for the whole 3km. I thought I would make it 1.5km or 2 at the faster pace, but I just kept going.

Anyway, at about the entrance to RBS B is when I hit 6km and turned around.

The way back was much harder. Part of Kvish 10 is flat, but most of it is a long, slow, gradual uphill, with the end of it being steeper. You might not feel it much in a car, but running you feel it.

So I ran back the 6km at a decent pace. Much of the way at my average pace, and where it was steeper I slowed down a bit and ran a bit slower than my average. Anyways I was still sore from softball, so I figured it is ok to slow down a bit...

Sorry nothing special to say about the run, but I have some things on my mind (from my other blog), and was thinking about those things, and less about the run itself...

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