Monday, September 1, 2008

running the fartlek! - marathon training #1

I did it. I have finally run with the group, and lived to tell the tale! I guess that means my marathon training has officially begun.

Tonight the group ran something called fartleks. I, too, had no idea what that meant. It sounds dangerous, if not terminal. But it turns out it is Swedish for something. According to the email sent out to the BS Running Group prior to the run, it means "speedplay". The email described the pace we would be running at, alternating between various speeds. None of that meant anything to me, as I have no idea how fast I run, nor how fast I can run. So I just run. I told Chauim, head of the Club, to tell me who to follow, and I would try to keep pace with them. He stuck me with a couple of guys who were planning to run at more of a beginners pace - not because they were beginners, mind you, but because they ran the Tel Aviv race last night and wanted to go easy tonight!

We ran the Bet Shemesh circuit, which meets on Narkis and Shoshan, and runs the circle around. The circle is about 2km. We first ran the 2km as a warmup run. After that, the fartleks began. We were to be running for 48 minutes. Mind you, we were supposed to be increasing speeds every four minutes, but I just ran. I figured if I make it all the way around, that is good enough.

So we ran the fartleks. I ran four circuits around the circle, totalling 8km, plus the initial 2km warmup run. That is a total of 10km! An increase of about 67% from my pre-training getting in shape runs! I could not believe I did it. I was nearly dead after three circuits, but decided I would do one more, as there was enough time remaining. I ran the whole time except for three times I had to slow down to a walking pace for about 45 seconds each time. I felt, at times, like my heart had ripped open a gaping hole in my chest and had climbed out.

But I mad eit with perseverance and am ready for the next run.

Tomorrow I am told we have to rest and let our bodies recover, so the next run is Wednesday night I guess.

There is a big difference between running alone and running in a group. Mor eon that later.

At the end we did some crazy stretching. and then went home. If I thought I knew what it meant to shvitz like the rebbe previously, I was wrong. Tonight I really shvitzed like the rebbe!

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