Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday tired - session #11

These session numbers are about to stop. They are counting my pre-trainging training. They count my sessions in which I get in shape to begin marathon training.

This week we finally begin actual marathon training. We really start today, but we are starting with a race in Tel Aviv that I am not doing because I am not ready for it. So tomorrow night is when I start. So today I had what might be my last pre-training training session. Maybe I will go out tomorrow morning as well, but I doubt it.

Today was typical Sunday. Friday I did not get to run because I went to sleep very late and missed waking up in time to run. So by the time Sunday comes along, I have gone 3 days or so since my last run. So the Sunday morning run is always very "worn out" and tiring.

I ran at about the same pace as last time. I ran about 4 minutes for every half minute of walking, give or take. I did not pay so much attention to my watch, but enough to keep a general estimate of my pace. So that puts me at about 8:1, just like last session. The only thing is because it is Sunday, by the end I was very tired and my legs were starting to feel rubbery.

I found a good method - I noticed that if you look ahead, you get even more tired seeingh how much you still have left. As long as you look down, at your feet, it is not so bad. Then it is only one step at a time, and it helps keep you going a bit. Obviously you have to look up - see where you are going, not bump into things, etc., but the3 more you look down, the further you will be able to go without tiring out.

Anyways, I think I am ready for adding more distance to my runs.

I am ready for marathon training (I think and hope!)!

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