Monday, August 11, 2008

knowing when to stop - session #3

This would be called Knowing when not to run, but I was not that smart.

After 2 days of being sick and fasting (fasted Tisha B'av and practically the whole Shabbos), I decided to still go running. I figured that I would wake up and see if I was feeling too weak to go, otherwise I would hit the pavement.

So off I go, a few minutes earlier than the past few times. Of course I got up thinking I should not be going. I brushed off those thoughts saying they were from the yetzer ha'ra (right, as if I am so in tune) and went running.

Turns out I started to feel weak as I was running around Dolev, so at least I had the brains to cut it short. I finished the one circuit around Dolev and called it quits. At last the running I did was more or less in tune to the pace I had planned - about 2.5:1.5.

One more thing - this big mop of hair really itches when I get sweaty. Thankfully, after mid-day today I will be able to buzz it all off!

One more positive note - because I made it home earl, with plenty of time before shul, I was able to catch the end of the Cubs game (they beat the Cardinals! Go CUBS Go!)

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