Thursday, August 28, 2008

sweating like the Rebbe - session #10

Right now, as we would say in yeshiva, I am "sweating like the rebbe". I don't know when the last time I was pouring sweat like this, and it for sure has not happened from my running until this point.

Why am I sweating so much? Because I ran angry.

"Angry" might be too strong a word, but it was close to it.

I am a yekke. I like my stuff and my schedule. I keep my stuff in place and my organization and time is important to me. When I get delayed, even slightly, because of disorganization, it frustrates me.

Today I woke up to run and could not find my hat. My kids raided my cabinet, and none of my hats were there. I spent about 10 minutes looking for a decent hat to run in. That was very frustrating. While looking through the kids room I noticed the state of disaster in which they keep it, and I got angry. Normally I would just tell them to stop living like animals and clean up, but it would not upset me. Today I got upset. They take my hats and they live like animals.

Eventually I found a replacement hat, but was already so delayed that I was angry. I went out to run about 10 or 12 minutes later than usual. Not such a big deal, but when those 10 or 12 minutes are important on the back end, I knew I had to make up the time.

I decided to push myself today and run much more of the time. I paid attention to my watch, and I ran at a pace of about 8:1. No exaggeration.

I was able to do it because:
  1. I was blowing off steam. Running angry is a great push.
  2. I felt very strong. I probably could have run further today as well, but I impressed myself enough with my pace. A motivated person can accomplish a lot.
I believe there is nothing holding a person back from doing something, other than himself. I am not a creative person, nor am I much of an original thinker, but I do believe in people's abilities to control themselves by using their willpower. I told myself I was going to run harder and more, and I did. That is why i know I can do this marathon stuff. As long as I keep myself motivated through the training, I know I can do it.

Lesson #4 - Motivate yourself. Control your body, don't let it control you.

and that is why I am "sweating like the rebbe" right now.


Shifra said...

See! you *were* angry!

Rafi G said...

did I say I wasn't? Today I was (about the hat). your question had been in general...