Thursday, August 14, 2008

running - session #5

There is not really much to write about today. I had a good, strong run.

I changed my approach a bit today. Instead of running for however long I could and then walking until I caught my breath, I basically limited myself to 2 minute runs. Then my walks were about .5 minutes each. So my pace was something like 4:1 in favor of running over walking.

That was a pretty good pace, and it helped me with the complete run. Meaning, I did not tire out at the end and walk the last 10 minutes. I was able to keep the pace and run most of the way, all the way to the end.

I think I have to design a new route for the next run though. I wish I knew how to calculate the distance I am running!

See you on the road!


tnspr569 said...

Have you considered a pedometer of sorts for calculating distances?

If you have an iPod, there's always the Nike Plus system. If you don't have an ipod...get one!

Rafi G said...

I do not have an ipod. right now I run with my thoughts. A little birdie tells me I am getting a pedometer for my birthday!

Nunes said...


I don't know when your birthday is so I don't know if you have received your pedometer in the meanwhile or not =)

But I can tell you that a pedometer is a very useful gadget to have when walking/running.

Like tnspr569 referred, the Nike Plus system connects to your iPod and is currently the system I use to track all my walking/running sessions.

Plus you'll have some music with you while walking/running and you won't get bored =)

Best regards,

Rafi G said...

thanks nunes. I have a gps watch now and it is great.

I enjoy the time running as quiet. it gives me time to think a lot. I have not yet found the need to break the silence with music.