Sunday, August 17, 2008

getting into a habit - session #6

Today was a tired run. Last night I prepared my stuff for running in the morning, but then when I finally went to bed, I had decided I would not run. Part of the reason was being tired (I guess that is part of the problem when m,aking these decisions at bedtime), and part of the reason was because we are planning on going away on vacatino today and I thought that maybe walking up early will make it harder to drive later.

The problem is that my body is already used to waking up at 4:45am. So I got up on time. I checked my email and the score of the Cubs game, and decided to go back to bed and skip the run. As I am laying there, I realize by now I am fully awake and have no reason not to run. If I do not run I might as well quit the program, because I have no excuse, as I am up already anyway, and it is just laziness.So I get up and go out to run.

But I ran a short circuit - I dropped one circuit of Dolev off the route today. The run was tired, but I kept the same pace as last time, more or less. I looked less at my watch, maybe because I was running a shorter run.

Nothing exciting happened, but I am getting tired of smelling the horrible sewage smell at the end of Nahal Kishon, so I think I am going to change my route. I have to think of alternatives.

Lesson #2: Whatever you do, you are training your body. Waking up early, waking up late, running, walking, sitting, using muscles, letting them atrophy, whatever. It is, clearly, very easy to train your body. After 2 weeks of waking up at 4:45am it is already natural for me. Think of what you want your body to do for you, and then force it a few times. Your body will very quickly "get used to it".

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