Thursday, August 7, 2008

Endurance training session #2

I just returned from my second training session. After my last fiasco of route selection, I thought this one out in advance.

I chose to run on Nahal Dolev. Nahal Dolev is a power-walker/runners paradise because it is mostly flat. It is at the top of the neighborhood, and therefore one can get a good flat walk/run. Just go out on Dolev any day between 5am and 7am and you will see a slew of people exercising.

So I went up to Dolev and turned right, as the gemara says that Jews turn right [at least when there is no preference to other directions]. I ran around Dolev 1 and 2/3 circuits.

I was inspired by seeing other runners and walkers. Last time the route I chose left me all alone on the roads, so it was nice to see other people out there. I even saw a chassidishe couple out power-walking together in full chassidic garb.

When I hit the corner of Dolev-Dolev on my second circuit, I turned down and ran down Nehar HaYarden to Nahal Kishon. Then I took Kishon back across to Ayalon and to my house.

Kishon is surprisingly on a slight incline (from the direction of Hayarden). When driving in a car, that is less noticed. I thought it was pretty flat, until I ran it today. Now it seems lik eit was a slight incline.

Anyways, this route is immensely better, at least for a beginner like me. It allowed me to improve my walk:run ratio. What started out as 2.5:1.5 (walk:run minutes), I was able to do this time about 1.5:2.5, maybe even slightly better. The problem is when running it is more difficult to track the time. When walking it is easier. because I was running more this time, it was more difficult to track my time precisely.

Even though this improvement was accomplished because the chosen terrain was flatter this time, that is ok by me. I am doing a time-based endurance buildup. I need to first build up my ability to run and only later worry about adding uphills and difficult terrains.

So my second session is done and I still have not collapsed or had my heart jump right out of my chest (which I still thought might happen by the end).

See you on the roads!


the sabra said...

I'm getting inspired.

Where'd your friend get the running/walking ratio from?

the sabra said...

Never mind, I'm readin his article.

Rafi G said...

what article?

the sabra said...

I can't find it. I went back a few times to look and got frustrated that I had no idea what I was referrin to (next time, answer sooner! :) but I'm assuming you wouldn't want me to be stressed out so I'm giving up now.
(Yes, I stress easily)

the sabra said...

Oh wait! Maybe this one here-

All the way at the end, the 8wk training program.

Rafi G said...

you are definitely persistent!

the sabra said...

One way of lookin at my stress producin behaviours. Thank you.