Sunday, September 21, 2008

couple of interesting observations

On our Friday "long run" I noticed a couple things, nothing so significant, but I thought they were interesting and wanted to point them out.

  1. the run was in the back trails behind a number of moshavim, such as Aderet, Roglit, Neveh Michael, Massua and some others. One other is called Tzafririn. Along the path there were signs directing people to a wedding of two people. The bride's name on the signs was "Tzafrira". She was likely named after the moshav tzafririn (where she probably lives).
  2. Along the path there was, at a certain point, a tree with a large sign hanging from it "Tachanat Ri'anun" - or a refreshing point. We would call it nowadays a rest stop or a trcuk stop, though there was no gas station, no kiosk, no Mc Donalds, or anything like that. The only thing it did offer was shade. But the sign made me think of the passuk "Tachat Kol Etz Ra'anan". It seems it was common to make rest stops under trees along the paths. I do not know who is travelling on this path who needs a rest stop - maybe it was for some event or something.

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