Monday, September 8, 2008

what a sight! - marathon training #3

I just returned from tonight's group run. Tonight's run was a tempo run, meaning we ran l;ess distance, but were working on improving speed a bit and running at an even pace. Chaim sent out an email with a long explanation and introduction, but I did not understand a word of it.

Overall, including the warm-up run, I ran tonight 10.2km, according to my nifty GPS watch. My pace fluctuated between 5.25km/h and 6.10km/h.

When we started, the group got together meeting at Dolev-Dolev. We were about 35 or so people! I met a bunch of people from the neighborhood, and saw some friends I did not know were into running...

We started running. Can you imagine 35 people running down the middle of Dolev (or any street)?! Soon enough the group broke up into sub-groups, as people split into groups runing different paces and distances, each according to their abilities.

As I said, I did a total of 10.2km, but felt like I could have done more. The guys who did mre, did it at a much faster pace than me, so I could not keep up with them...

Wednesday morning will be a long run. I have to work out a route that will be longer than the 10k route I ran yesterday. Maybe I will do the same route and just an extra kilometer or two at the end.

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