Sunday, September 7, 2008

raising my standards

With all this running, it was time to raise my standard run to a new base. The previous 6km was no longer good enough to help me increase my endurance levels and be beneficial for increasing my distance. So I asked and people told me the standard 10km RBS run is running down Nahal Tze'elim to Highway 38, back up Tze'elim, and then around the perimeter of RBS.

I decided that is what I would do.

The only thing I feared was the route. Actually, two parts of the route. The way back from the 38 to RBS, and from the end of Kishon up to the top of the hill at Yarqon and Dolev. The former is a very long uphil, part of it on a gradual incline an dpart on a steep incline. I ran it when I first started training and could not make it up. The latter because it is an extremely steep uphill.

But I did it. I ran the route, and I ran it without stopping. I made it through all the uphills and I made it successfully without stopping to walk or breathe. I am figuring out how to pace myself better, and I am getting stronger.

So today was another very positive run.

I got my gps watch on Friday, and while I still do not know how to use it, I turned it on and used it with basic settings, and after converting the miles to kilometers, I did just over 10km. And I could have kept going for a bit more.

Tomorrow night is another group run. While it is supposed to work on speed, I am still working on distance and endurance, so we will see where it takes me..

All this Kochi V'Otzem Yadi is getting to my head, so let me thank God for, literally, "Ba'Derech She'adam rotzin leileich, mesa'yai'in oso" - for giving me the ability and energy to keep this up and succeed, and hopefully continue succeeding until I accomplish my goal.

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