Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Good question

Why the heck am I doing this?

Good question. I don't even really have a good answer for it.

Generally I am pretty lazy when it comes to exercise. I do not do any exercise. I enjoy sports and play when I can, specifically basketball and baseball/softball, but that is pretty much the extent of it. No formal exercise for me.

I have wanted to run a marathon for a long time. I just never wanted to train for it.

You know the story of the guy who broke his hand. When he went to the doctor to get it casted and fixed, he asked the doctor if he would be able to play the violin after it healed. The doctor said yes. A short while later, he asked again if he would be able to play the violin. Doc said of course. He asked a few more times "Are you sure?"

Eventually the doctor asked why he was so concerned? Are you a professional musician?

He answered that no, but he has never been able to play violin so if as a result of this he will be able to that would be great!

I have been like that guy. About 6 years ago I had a surgery on my foot to remove a bunion. At the time I said I would recover and run a marathon. Needless to say I recovered and said to myself that I have not run a marathon until now, so why should I do it now?

Then about 3 years ago I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee from a basketball injury. Again, I said after I recover I would run a marathon. Sure enough I recovered and said why should I if I have never done it before? Just because I had a surgery?

Really the reason was because I was always too lazy to exercise. But I really wanted to do it.

I was looking for a new project to embark upon (along with a couple others I am in the middle of), when Chaim sent an email to the local list about a marathon training program beginning at the end of August. The timing was perfect I guess. I emailed him and asked if I could relaly do it considering I was starting from way below zero.

He said yes and built me a program to get in decent shape for running to train for the marathon with the group.

I must say that while I am not a "freak" for running, like many of these guys who simply love it and love the fitness, I am feeling the benefits of weight loss and feeling better all around (more fit). I am enjoying that aspect of it.

I do not know if after I run my marathon I will still continue running - for fitness, small races, and other marathons, or not. That remains to be seen. But I am enjoying it now, I am feeling the benefits and I am working hard to train properly and make it all the way to the end of the marathon!

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