Wednesday, November 23, 2016

run with the wind to your back!

Great run, and still going strong. My legs feel surprisingly good, though they do not feel completely fresh at all.

I wondered at the start of all this if I might at some point get to a point where the leg muscles get used to this and then it becomes easy and no strain and at that point I would be able to run either longer distances easier or faster with less effort. If that might happen, I do not know, but it has not happened yet.

This morning I ran 10.5km. Once again, the winds were very strong. The one part that was good was on the hill on my way back into RBS the wind was finally to my back and I felt it made the climb up the hill slightly easier. Most of the rest of the way it seemed like a strain with the wind to my face. This week has been crazy windy.

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