Friday, November 18, 2016

long week

This morning was an absolutely fabulous run. The weather was perfect. I went out planning to run 12-13km. I was not quite sure how I would feel, as this would be my fifth run for the week, and third consecutive day running.

The truth is I almost bailed on the run right away. I started to run and felt little aches and pains in my knees and ankles. Also, I felt "heavy" and off balance from a late celebratory dinner last night. I decided to just move and see what happens. Within minutes everything went away and the run was just nice.

I ran and felt great and just kept running. I decided to shoot for 14km and ran out far enough that I could hit it. On my way back in I realized I would pass 14, so I planned to try to run a little extra to get to 15. With a little too much detouring, I ended up at 15.5km. I probably could have kept going, but that was enough for the day!

So, I ran 5 times this week, with good distances, and a week total of 52km.

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