Thursday, November 17, 2016

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday good running

It is a good running week so far. On Saturday night I ran 6.5km. On Monday I ran 10.5km. On Wednesday I ran 10km. Today, Thursday, I ran 9.5km. So far so good.

Yesterday was a good run. I felt great and the run was strong. I planned for 10km but was feeling great so considered going 12km instead. In the end I decided to stick to the plan, so that it would not hurt my coming runs on Thursday and Friday.

Today was like a recovery run, though I had planned on a maximum distance of 7km, and was leaning to 5-6km. In the end I ran 9.5km. I started my regular route, unsure of which direction I would run after my initial 3km across Kishon. When I hit the end of Kishon (1.5km), I decided to change my route. I ran up Hayarden instead and then out on the 3855 (a.k.a. Road 10), back and then back down to my home, totaling 9.5km.

Tomorrow is going to be a "long" run, though I have not yet decided how long it will be. As of now I am thinking of 12-13km.

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