Friday, November 11, 2016

4th run

Great run. I ran 12km, a bit slower than expected, but understandable I guess. first "long" run in a while, and third consecutive day of running, with each day increasing distance. Still feel great and the last few km were significantly slower (I think - I did not actually check the stats on my watch) but I wasn't worn out.

Funny story - I started with my regular 3km cross of Nahal Kishon street. There were no cars on the road so I mostly ran in the street, and it was a straighter run then normal, as I normally run on the sidewalks. When I arrived back at my starting point I glanced at my watch and saw that my distance was about 500m less than normal at that point. I did not understand why but attributed it to my having run straighter than normal, even though it did not make sense that I would lose so much distance relative to such a short overall distance. Sure enough, a few hundred meters later I looked at my watch again, and the numbers had not moved out all - meaning, I had accidentally paused my watch at some point and did not lose an actual 500 meters. I must have lost a small amount of diatnce but not nearly that much..

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