Wednesday, November 30, 2016

avoided the rain with 10km

15th consecutive day running, in the books.

today was a bit of a challenge. the weather forecast has been saying that today would be 3 consecutive days of heavy rains and a significant drop in temperatures. I don't really mind getting caught in the rain, but I don't lik e going out when it is raining, especially raining heavily. Especially if I am not training for a marathon and therefore don't have to be out there risking getting sick.

So, when I woke up to see that it was raining, I was not sure what to do. While getting ready to runand trying to decide, it suddenly seemed to stop. I jumped at my rainless window and went out. once I was outside I could tell the rain had been really light and just sounded more serious because I had been hearing it through the leaves and trees outside my window.

Another challenge was that my watch did not turn on. I dont really need the watch to run but I like to keep track of my distance. Also, not having the watch means I have to run only on routes that I know the relevant distances. Then I remembered I could use Endomondo on my phone to track it, so all was good.

It turned out to be a great run. I ran 10km through the neighborhood at a decent pace. I started with my stretch across Kishon, and then decided to run a loop back around RBS. WHen I got to the corner of Hayarden-Dolev I went up to Dolev for a loop around Dolev, and then instead of finishing the loop around RBS, when I got back to Dolev-Hayarden I went back to do the first half of the circle and went back the same way I had come, giving me a small amount of extra distance to complete 10km.


Tzvi said...

at this stage, you are probably a toothpick

Rafi G. said...

haha! far from it. But BH my weight is reasonable and under control