Monday, November 28, 2016

if not now, when?

I planned to run 10km, and I did run 10km. But it wasn't easy.

One mistake was wearing a long sleeved shirt. I was too warm. I had expected another cold morning and figured it prudent to wear a long sleeved shirt considering the cold I seem to have contracted in the past couple of days. But it wasn't cold and I felt too warm.

Besides for that I ran down Tzeelim and back up. Up was difficult and slow. I then ran across Kishon, and at the end had to push myself to add on enough to achieve the 10km rather than take the easy route of stopping at 9km which was right near my house..

So, 10km was an achievement, but it was not a great run.

13 consecutive days running. I also almost decided to skip today and take  arest day/.. I have some raw spots on my feet and figured my legs can use a rest as can these raw spots on my feet. I don't think they are from running, but I figured resting my feet could only help. The problem is that the forecast calls for rain the second half of the week, so i feel like I need to get my runs in now, in case I can't get them in later...

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