Friday, December 16, 2016


that's it. I am done. My project is finished.
Day 30 is in the books with a 10km run. Tzvi is a prophet and I now need to get the lottery numbers from him... I will not be running tomorrow night.

I went out undecided how far to run. On the one hand I had plenty of time for a nice long run of 14 or 16km. On the other hand, I consciously intended to run less this week. I was torn the entire way. I did a quick calculation estimate in my head while out there running and estimated that if I would run just 12km I would hit 60km for the week. Simple enough. But did I want to? I kept wavering between 7 and 12. On the one hand, why wake up so early to run just 7km. On the other hand, I wanted to run less and not push for more..

The entire time I wavered and in the end settled on a 10km run, giving me about 58.6km for the week.

I have no idea what my running schedule will be like next week.


Tzvi said...

nu, how was day 1 of 100?

Rafi G. said...

I forced myself to not run tonight. i really wanted to