Friday, December 9, 2016

too much mileage

day 24. 16km.

no runner ever really knows how any given run is going to turn out. All you can really do is give yourself the best chances to do well. Train, keep to a regimen, eat healthy, sleep well, and whatever else it takes, so when you go out you have the best chance to run as well as you might expect. When you run every single day, you really have no idea. Every single day is different. One day you have more strength and one day less. One day you feel fatigued and the next day you feel great.

Today I expected to feel great but my legs really felt tired for a large part of the run.

I ran basically a combination of a few of my regular routes. I ran across Kishon, up and around to Hayarden-Dolev, a circle around Dolev, then down and out on Road 10 (3855), then up 375 for a bit of an extension and then out a short way in the direction of Tzomtet Etziyona for another extension, then back home.

This makes 72.6km for the week. Insane. I am pretty sure next week will be lower mileage.

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