Sunday, December 4, 2016


I mistakenly ran 11km on my 19th consecutive day of running..

How do you mistakenly run 11km?

Well, I went out planning to run between 9-10km, assuming I would be feeling good and strong, and hoping for at least 7-8km considering I had run 8km last night. I planned my route for a 9-10km run, open to changing it as necessary.

The run was actually great. The temperature was good, and I felt strong. No pains, no hesitation, no disturbances.

At about 7km, at the end of Road 10 (3855) I considered running out part of the way towards Tzomet Etziyona to extend my run to 11-12km, because I was havign such a good run, but then decided not to - I needed to get back, and decided to be happy with what would probably turn out to be just a whisker over 10km.

With some minor adjustments that I was not even paying attention to or intending, I ended up finishing at 11km.

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