Tuesday, December 6, 2016

draining the swamp

day 21 and running..

This was never the plan. I wanted, at first, to run for the entire week. Then I wanted to extend it to a 2nd week, as I have done before. I was not going to go further than that. Somehow I just felt great and the schedule worked out and I have really been enjoying this, so I am keeping going until I can't do it any longer...

Today was a 10km day. I chose a difficult route and really felt it . After running across Kishon I ran down Tzeelim to the 38 and back up. With some extensions here and there I concluded at 10km. the 3km climb back up Tzeelim was very difficult and slow today.

I think my 7 year old Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS watch is on its last leg. Recently it has been warning me of a low battery very quickly after using it... I did not really pay attention and suspected it wasnt fully charged. I paid attention this time and 7km into the run it is already warning me of a low battery. Now, I know I am slow, but no way does it take me so long to run 7km that the battery on my GPS watch should drain like that!

I also stepped in some mud when making a brief pit stop. So, between the watch and the mud I can call this run the draining of the swamps!


Tzvi said...

remember: if its not on Endomondo, it didnt happen

Rafi G. said...

when the watch finally dies, which seems to be going to happen soon, Endomondo might be my solution. In the meantime, I guess I havent really been running..

truth is I have another spare watch somewhere that someone gave me when they got a new one. I have to look for it..